Tell Your Fans: Rad Stuff that Woot Does!

We don’t like to brag. Ok, maybe we do… a little. We also don’t mind if YOU brag about us! Here are a few things that make Woot rad for you to use when promoting your designs to all your friends, followers, and fans:

  • Every time they buy a design on Woot, an artist gets their wings…er, I mean paid.
  • They save 20% on featured designs ($15 vs $19). Everyone. Every Day.
  • Everyone gets FREE standard shipping on apparel.
  • Amazon Prime members get upgraded to FREE express shipping. Boom.
  • They can shop your catalog or choose from any of our other 13k+ super cool designs.

There’s plenty more, but we don’t want to brag TOO much, remember? What about you? Share which Woot benefits you like to tell your fans about in the comments below.

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Woot doesn’t discriminate to non-cat people about buying catshirts.


Woot derby royalties have paid for the down payment on this house!


Congrats, @benjaminleebates! :slight_smile: