Temperature and Humidity Station

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Temperature and Humidity Station
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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No, that’s not it.

The fruit basket? Well… we might not see that for a couple of weeks.

I got your ideas from the other thread. Feel free to keep doing some brain dumps of ideas.

Got one a while back. Nice, but down here in South Louisiana it usually just says “Hot” “Humid.” (Or something equivalent involving numbers.)

Man… I actually wanted one of these. lol oh well.

I bought mine on the last woot. Works good for here in NY. You can add up to 2 other sensors including the one that comes with it for a total of 3.

Way down yonder here in the Indian territories it usually is just HOT & HUMID. I don’t know why people thing Oklahoma is dry.

I second that

Atomic clock/calendar? Orly? In this little box?

I would like to know what radioactive isotope this thing contains and how they miniaturized the electronics to measure the rate of decay to make the clock work!

Or did they mean it has a radio receiver which attempts to pick up a weak radio broadcast signal from one of the three or four ginormous atomic clocks operated by various institutions in the USA ?

I have purchased a variety of stations and this one is the most reasonable and the best and longest service I have received. I hope to see this on sale again so I can get one for my daughter.