Tempered Glass Phone Screen Protectors

“Glass preserves iPhone screen viewing quality”

…on the Galaxy/Note descriptions, someone likes copy pasta!

Yup. It can be your friend or worst nightmare.

Anyone know if these will work with an otter box? I got mine second hand and it does not have the screen protector portion.

Glad I read the specs, the protectors for the iPhone 5/5s also are good for the 5c!

Considering you know, they all have the exact same screen dimensions

Just like the 5th gen ipod touch…

Are these nice? Do they compare to the Screen Guardz or Zagg?

Great. Now I’m hungry. Thanks a lot.

I have a lifeproof case on my iphone 6. Can I still use one of these with the case?

They work fine with no issue of functionality. That said, the price is nothing special. Go on Amazon for the same or better. If you are a Prime member it is actually cheaper. I get 2 day shipping and no $5 charge.

They will not change the profile of your phone. They will work in any situation that a standard screen protector will.

Actually the price on Amazon is for 1, while this is for a 3-pack. Sooo, a bit cheaper here. (though, they don’t have the exact same brand on the mothership)

The description says they are 9h when the packaging clearly says 8h. However, for the price it might be something you’re willing to overlook.

The price is ok if you do the math. Swapmeet price is $4 to $5, but why would you want THREE of them?

These aren’t going to scratch, only shatter, saving your screen underneath (we hope), so by the time you need another, you will have misplaced the other two.

At delivery, all three were already shattered.

I’m very sorry about that! If you haven’t already, email into our CS team- you can contact them by using the support tab towards the top of the page.

I did email them. You’ve been very responsive in the past with problems

Thank you

Oh good! I’m just sorry that it arrived in that condition, too. Hopefully we will get back with you ASAP.

I bought the three-pack here for the same reason why I’ve always purchased three of any screen protector I’ve ever purchased - if you make a mistake installing the first one, you will have a second one close at hand.

These tempered glass protectors are great, but if you are not very careful when installing them and bend it just a little, it will break. When I installed the first on my wife’s iPhone 4s, it was not perfectly centered and one corner would not seat flush to the screen (leaving a huge bubble). Removing it was easy, but they always break when you do - and I had another ready to go.

I finally got around to installing my screen. I was very careful cleaning the screen and removing screen from it’s protective package and removing the screen. After applying, the corners didn’t stick. No problem, I’ll try the second in the pack. The glass cover was not even in the protective package (although the empty package was in there) and when I tried to remove the protective backing half of the adhesive wrinkled and tore off.

UPDATE: Thanks, Woot, for taking care of this. You’re the best.