Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iP 6/6+ - 3pk

These are not good screen protectors, they are very smudgy and hard to clean.

These are garbage . Last set of three I bought a week after installing them the upper right corner started to left and eventually I had to peel off and replace . When it happened the first time I though it was me but after the second incidence upon inspection the product were all defective as the glass is adhered to a static type of film allowing it to stick to your phone however the adhesive used was obviously of poor quality or poor workmanship which caused the film to lift from the glass protection .
Save your time and frustration ( and money too ) buy a Zagg or even a slightly cheaper version from iTouchi ( personal experience ) for 10 bucks and don’t look back until you drop your phone and have to replace protector

Thanks for the info. There are so many sub standard products on the market.

All three I received were labeled for iPhone 6 but had iPhone 5 size screen protectors inside. All THREE! Is Pro-Tech running some kind of scam here?

Ugh, sorry. If you haven’t, please send a note to CS with your order info and situation. They’ll get you squared away.