Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Note 4/5 3pk

Disappointed. I bought the version for my Samsung Note 4. There’s good and bad to these screen protectors, unfortunately for me, the bad outweighs the good.


  • Really clear. These are one of the best I’ve used in this area. No problems here with clarity.
  • Really thick. Would appear that they could do their job at protecting the screen from impacts and drops.


  • Does not cover the whole screen of the Note 4. That’s not to say it doesn’t cover the entire glass, it doesn’t cover the viewable part of the display because it’s too narrow. No matter how hard I tried, the screen protector left a gap on one or both sides of display, leaving an unsightly line.
  • It is not like the picture on the package. So not only is it narrow, it is short. The protector does not go around with the home key at the bottom or the ear piece, sensors, or camera at the top. It’s simply cut short with indents to fit around those elements. Which makes it tricky, at best, to line up.
  • Did I mention this thing is thick? Really, really thick. At least for my application. I already have an OtterBox Defender on my Note 4.
    (Okay, I’m over protective. But I’ve seen the value of glass screen protectors taking all the damaging force away from the phone screen). Anyway, with the Pro-Tech screen protector on, the Defender case went on very tightly. In fact caused the Defender built in screen cover to bulge. This made screen input very awkward. Had to remover the Pro-Tech protector.

So this a no go for me. These might work if they’re the only thing covering the screen, but shouldn’t it cover the whole display area and ideally, the entire front? Now, what to do with 2 extra covers I’ll never use? sigh.