Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - 3pk

Does this work with a lifeproof case? No data about any of the cases & fit is poor marketing preparation.

We don’t have information on cases. You might check with Lifeproof.

Staples Reviews: Cell Phone Screen Protectors | Staples

It’s so thin you can barely tell if it’s there. There isn’t a case in the world that it could interfere with. The manufacturing tolerances of the case would have to be impossibly fine for it to be an issue.

I bought a 3 pack a little while back. Does anybody know if the S5 will also fit an S4?

Size seams to be a smidgen different.

Will this fit the HTC One M8?

That is not one of the models listed.

Having interacted with both phones, the S5 is definitely a larger screen than the S4.

Side note: does anyone else wins they’d start making phones smaller?? I have a Note 4 and am just not impressed. Ready to get back to smaller phones.

Purchased the 29th…still hasn’t shipped. WOOT is the slowest online seller in history once again.

Should have shipped by now. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I already did. It shows shipped but shows that it has never made it to the first stop. En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center
USPS tracking shows Not Found.

**Just got off the phone with DHL. They have not yet received the package but did receive the electronic shipping info. So my item has not even left the building of wherever it gets shipped from after 8 business days.

Today I received a full refund for the product that Woot never sent.
Wonder how much they do this and how many people just don’t say anything and chalk it up as a loss.
Really poor business practice.