Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - 3pk

I switched from a Galaxy S6 to an S7, and my S6 rubber case fits the new phone fairly well. Can anyone confirm/deny that a screen protector for the S6 will also fit an S7? Woot has the S6 listed, but not the S7.

Translation: I don’t want to spend $10 and order something that won’t fit my phone. But somehow reading a forum post from a complete stranger that tells me what I want to hear will convince me to buy it. Even though that forum post could be completely wrong and I would have no recourse. When I put it that way, I guess I might as well just order a 3pk and see how it goes. Damn it Woot. You got me again. In for 1, Woot Order #71.


PS - Once I receive these, I will confirm/deny if the S6 will fit the S7.

The final verdict is that the S6 protectors kinda sorta fit the S7. If you are desperate for a screen protector and you have one lying around, it can work. Even though I don’t have the Edge, there is a slight curve in the glass on the S7. The screen protector doesn’t attach to the edges of the screen, which means you have no real touch capabilities on the edges. Also the top of the S6 protector ends right in the middle of the front-facing camera. If you take selfies or use video chat, this will create a slight blur. I don’t take selfies, so I don’t care too much either way.