Ten More MinutezzzZZzzz

So just how annoying is the Clocky? I mean, will it entertain the cat AND do the job effectively?

$40.00 on Amazon…


Warning!!! Do not buy one of these tocky(round) alarm clocks. They are the biggest piece of crap you can buy! The company that makes them will not respond to support calls and emails. They mark them way up so you think your getting a deal on a nice clock. Please, save your money. The thing will break in a week and you’ll never be able to get it fixed.

Yep - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfIpYSaJyss.

It sounds like R2D2 on speed. I have a love/hate relationship with mine and my bf is amused by watching me stumble zombie-like out of bed to turn it off.

My Luna Voyager that I recently bought on here stopped working after about a week of use. The Ipod no longer docks properly so it doesn’t sync or play music. I emailed Woot and they got back to me very quickly but said that they can’t send me a replacement. Because of an upcoming Woot off the product stock is tied up. I think that they should take care of customers that already bought the product before thinking of future customers. That’s what the warranty is for. This is my first bad experience with Woot. I am disappoint.