Ten years ago on this day

Ten years ago, shirt.woot made a change which proved to be rather unpopular. On 2/21/2012, they made the announcement that the blanks were changing.

The very next day, shirt.woot’s top volume artist started his own site. And things were never the same again …

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen @ramyb in a while.

I think it’s been around 10 years since the last sub.

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Nocturnowl is 2013.

Figure It Out What GIF by CBC

There’s a catshirt for your thought process.

You had to bring that up?


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Want a different fact about today?

Today in 1998:

The Animaniacs episode containing The Carpool and The Sunshine Squirrels made its debut.

Semi related: No new episode of Tiny Toon Adventures premiered today in 1991.

2 comics from today in 1993:

Don’t worry – I won’t bring up the later mutant blanks.

Over the years, as much of my shirt.woot collection was via thrift stores:

  • Pre-2012 “AA” era women’s shirts were commonly found in the children’s section.
  • 2012-2015 “neck stretch” era women’s shirts were commonly found in the men’s section.
  • 2015-2017 “mutant” era men’s shirts were commonly found in the women’s section.
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So much for distracting her.

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Soooo … cat gifs?

They come in gif form now?!?

We’re doomed.