Tenba Bags

Tenba, his arms wide.
Tenba, at rest.

Why only one picture? Ive started to notice a lot woot posts have had less pictures than desired.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get a lot of images from our vendors. However, we did get a few samples and snapped some pics:

The inside of the Mini Messenger:

The inside of the Large with the Insert:

The inside of the Large without the Insert:

The mother ship has a video, the guy is really selling the features hard, this what a salesman at the dollar store probably sounds like. “look it has zippers, what a feature” My Osprey Elroy has all these features and is a way better bag I believe, unless you’re looking specifically for carrying a camera, the Osprey doesn’t have the padded separators.

December 2012 I purchased the “Tenba 638-232 Large Messenger Bag - Olive” from B&H Photo/Video for $142.95. I either got screwed or Woot’s price is a great deal.

Just checked B&H site and the bag is listed for $109.95. Woot’s price is still a good deal.

you are gonna get it from the righteous right for that introduction

I have both the Small and Mini bags. I like their discrete styling that doesn’t advertise I’m carrying $$$ in gear.

If you wish, you can remove the padded insert from the Small and Large versions to use as a book bag too.

Tenba’s got a good rep for camera bags. Nice to see bags oriented for smaller interchangeable lens cameras.

Darmok and Jalad on the ocean.

There are some really awesome pictures over here:

including one on a manikin, so you can more easily judge size.

Here is a great video for the messenger bags…

I really wish they would quit using YKK zippers as a selling point.

The YKK group manufactures something like 90% of all zippers sold in America, they have been hit with price-fixing sanctions repeatedly in the EU, and the vast majority of their zippers are cheap chinese made junk.