Tender Corp 33-Piece First Aid Kit 6pk

0.01 cent cheaper than when I bought these, I’m so mad!

…from the company that brought you After Bite… here’s some First Aid kits.

This exact kit was on yugster this week for free + Shipping ($6). Glad I picked it up there saved $2 :wink:

In for a set. It’ll be good to scatter these throughout the haunted house I help at.

WHAAAAT! “Made in China”??? Isn’t that where they make the yucky dog food???

You didn’t save $2. The Yug was for 1 33 piece kit. This Woot is for 6 33 piece kits.

I love how they include the Hard Case as one of the “33 Essential First Aid Items”

so tempted to get this, but doctor relative will probably say, “why’d you buy this?? i could’ve gotten all this stuff for you for free.”

Any idea when the expiration on the drugs is? If these are 2 months away from expiry, it’s not such a great deal. In for one anyway.

Don’t worry about the pills/meds expiration date. Pills don’t have a shelf life…even though there is an expiration date stamp (required by law). Little known medical fact (look it up)…pills do not lose much potency over time.

Wow, those mysterious “non-aspirin” tablets can be just about anything, and Extra Strength!

I bought these and have deposited them all over my house, car and bags. I used them often this summer with my accident-loving sons. In fact, my husband once took one out of our big first aid kit in the bathroom and used it, much to my irritation, because he says he doesn’t have to dig around like in the big kit, because he knows everything he needs is in there.