Tending To The Bar

Are these wine racks literally half of an old palette with some grooves cut in the bottom? For $100?

A local warehouses in the area throws away a dozen or so every few days.

Whether one cares or not about corks drying out, one would prefer that it at least appear that one cares so this one wouldn’t display his wine bottles in an upright position.

The wine key is not double hinged… What is premier about an old technology?

one thing about some of the stuff you see on woot. It makes you think “yeah, I can probably do that”.

I can get all the pallets I want in my local area. Thinking of making this but would only keep screw top wine in the top or bottles of other spirits… hmmmmm

I think I might do this for my liquors. looks pretty cool actually. and probably worth about $20.

Are these things really held together with poorly aligned star-drive deck screws?

yeah there’s nothing about those that scream vintage or reclaimed or anything else. just overpriced. they should have got some heavy nails. that would have looked cool.

Very poorly made. I had to add additional screws as well as a piece of wood inside so the bottles wouldn’t hit the wine glasses. What a piece of junk.