Tenergy 3.7V Arlo Battery 8-Pk & Fast Charger

These are a MUST buy if you own the Arlo security camera system. The cost for quality CR123A batteries will set you back between $1.00-$2.00 each, that’s up to $8.00 per camera. How long you go between battery changes depend on activity on your set up.

We have ours set to a schedule (late night and when away) when there is little activity (hopefully there is never any activity at those hours!) so we have been getting about 6 months of battery use thus far.

Based on the lower cost of $1.00/battery = $4.00 per replacement with 4 cameras in our set up = $16.00 per replacement x 2 times a year = $36.00. You actual mileage will vary. Of course this only comes with 8 batteries so my break even will require adding another 8 batteries to have enough to power all my cameras.

Why does this even matter? Well for one, rechargables will save money in the long run. Less toxic landfill and not having to remember to buy more batteries.

Now the important part. Whats the big deal between these and other lower cost rechargable CR123A batteries? Apparently the Arlo battery compartment is ever so slightly taller than normal rechargable CR123A batteries. Thus installing them doesn’t make complete circuit contact. These Tenergy batteries are slightly taller and works flawlessly in the Arlo cameras.

Plus this Woot is about $25 less than the same kit on Amazon, from where it being shipped.

edit: just noticed this is an 8pack vs the Amazon link I had was 4pack. I’m bad at math.

Definitely ordering these.


$29 free one day for the batteries alone. $24 for the charger only.

are these compatible with the Arlo camera model # VMS3230

Yes those use 4 cr123 batteries