Tenergy Rechargeable C or D Battery 8 Pk

Where do we get a charging station?

We are not selling chargers that can charge C or D batteries on woot. However, on Amazon we have a couple of options for universal chargers.
Link: http://a.co/3JDE8I5
Link: http://a.co/bkFHlxb

I’m rather surprised and disappointed to find that the capacity of the batteries isn’t included in the description or specs.

For a rechargeable battery, this is pretty much the only specification that matters, outside of basic info like size (eg. C or D) and chemistry (low-self-discharge NiMH). Especially given that a lot of manufacturers seriously skimp on capacity for larger C and D cells. It should be the most prominent claim about that battery in the description, visible at a glance.

FWIW, I’ve found elsewhere that it’s 4 and 8 Ah respectively. This isn’t terrific, but at least it’s not in ripoff territory either.

Seriously, Tenergy – if I’m looking at trashcans, jerry cans for gasoline, a travel mug for my coffee, or a rechargeable battery, what I’m shopping for is a container (for water, cookies, energy, whatever). The FIRST thing I want to know, before any other details, is how much it’ll hold.