Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

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Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer
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I have this exact model. It works great! All six probes read within 1° of each other. They update quickly and the Bluetooth range is excellent. if you want to use this on a smoker, you can set both upper and lower temperature units and have your phone beep if either is passed on one of the probes. The only possible downside is that the display is not illuminated, but since you can see all six probes’ temperature on your phone that isn’t a big deal. I’ve had a number of different remote thermometer systems, and this is by far the best. I’m tempted to get a spare!

Can you set temperature range alarms for specific probes? Like if I had 4 probes, could I do something like have 2 in the brisket, set to go off at 203 degrees, and 2 measuring the grill temp, set to go off if it goes above 275 or below 225?

Or at least can you set the upper and lower range alerts to only monitor specific probes? Don’t particularly need an alarm on the meat temp, but the alarm function wouldn’t be very useful if it couldn’t ignore the probes in the meat (which will always be below the temperature range, unless you’ve done something terribly wrong).

I rather like mine so far though I’ve only used it a few times as I got it on the last deal here. My only gripe - if you don’t read the fine print you might leave the dark grey plastic “cradle” that the fat end of the probe goes in for storage/cord winding on and melt it. I know I did! But thanks to the commenter on the last one who at least had me take the plastic off the probe tip. All in all though, seems really nice and allowed accurate grilling of a tri tip to perfect med rare this week.

Doesn’t say it on Woot, but it does on Amazon. Does this come with a case to store it?

Can the probes be used on other therm units?

This is exactly what I do and it works great… You can set each individual probe with a preset temp or you can manually set a temp range. I use one manually set for a Hi/Lo range to monitor my smoker temp then use the others for the different meats I’m smoking…or 2 probes in one piece of meat i.e one in the thigh and one in the breast of a chicken. The Preset probes will only alarm when the meat reaches that temp. I recommend this

Mine did and its actually pretty nice.

The one I purchased on the last deal came with a case. I did purchase the case that is sold on amazon and like it much more than the included case. The included case was sufficient though.

TT if you’re up and monitoring things is there a way to have the monkeys confirm if a case is included and edit the listing?

Can these be used “internally”, asking for a friend

I find the probes a bit slow and the refresh rate is not adjustable. I wish you could export the graph data. I don’t like that you have to set a temperature peak or range to get a graph. I wish the software would give a predicted time to peak.
But for what it is, it works great. Better than the Weber product by a long shot.

Yes, it comes in the black zip up clamshell case. Works great for storing everything. The way the wire winds around the cradle that holds each probe is perfect

I sense a Raspberry Pi and temp logging software in your future. Check out temperature-machine, it may be what you need

Thank you! Ordered!

I bought one the last time woot had it and love it Also forgot to take the plastic case off the first time even after I read all about it. But let’s be honest, who smokes sober? I used three probes at the same time and love this thing. The only down side is no alligator clip to put on the grill surface. Easy to modify one probe for this however. Works great, very accurate, Bluetooth range is excellent. Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?

Bought this just a few weeks ago here, used it twice and it works great. I replaced an old one probe unit (not a Solis). Was convenient to use 2 probes on a tenderloin and multiple probes on a 6 pack of steaks. The app is decent/okay, but it does what it needs to. Recommended, especially at this price.

Let me start by saying that I’m totally aware of how stupid I was in not considering this. In hind sight, it was obvious, but I still made a big mistake based on the instructions that were included.

There is a large magnet on the back of the receiver. It instructs you to use that to mount it to the side of your grill. If you have a gas grill, this probably works perfectly because you have a cabinet for your propane tank. I have a pellet grill, so there’s no cabinet.

Like an idiot, I attached it to the side of the drum. You can imagine what happened when cooking a whole chicken at 425 degrees. The whole back of it melted.

Now, as a shout out to the quality of this product, even exposed to that heat and with parts melted, it still works perfectly. I just have to rest it on a little table next to the grill and explain my stupidity to friends when they come for cook outs.

In short, I recommend the product. It’s great. Just don’t be dumb like me.

Yes you can set ranges for specific probes. I smoked 2 pork butts. I used 2 probes to watch the internal temps of the pork… and had 2 other probs monitoring the air temp with high and low temp alarms. Worked great!

Hello all!

Vendor has confirmed that a case is included.

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