Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

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Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer
Price: $39.99
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I think they should be able to find someone selling it for the “list price” to make it valid. Of course almost all websites do this, so not picking on Woot in particular. Jewelry is the worst - List Price: $1,599.99, Our Price: $49 !!

List Price <> Retail Price
List Price = MSRP

Pretty sure the RP in MSRP stands for Retail Price

I grabbed this the last time it was on woot. It is great. You must use the app on your device/phone for it to really work with all the features.

I also bought it last time to replace a different thermometer and I am very happy with it. The range is good and I setup alarms on my phone to let me know when certain temps are reached. I would definitely buy again.

Yes, but the MS stands for “Manufacturer’s Suggested”. Wouldn’t we all love to sell our widgets for $1MM each? But retailers are allowed to set their own actual sales price.

Not sure if I need this - I like to stand around “boringly.”

I can’t figure something out. The details about the unit indicate that the handle is only good up to 482 degrees F, but the cable and probe up to 716 degrees F, and the whole unit only good up to 572 degrees F.

This sounds perfectly sufficient for an oven which generally has a max temp of 500 degrees or so, but I’m suspecting this is no good in an outdoor grill that can get much hotter than this - can anyone confirm?

I bought this on 8/7 when it was featured. I do a lot of smoking/grilling and this device suits that perfectly! It comes with 6 probes so I can monitor several items at once, or use probes in several places on larger cuts, like brisket or pork shoulder. The app is fantastic as it notifies me when target temps are reached. I highly recommend it!

I think you’re conflating multiple things.
There is the temperature range that a device can measure, and there is the temperature at which a thing is likely to break.

The device can accurately measure temperatures from 32 - 572 degrees F.
The probes have a silicon handle that can withstand temperatures up to 482F. The wire of the probes can withstand temperatures up to 716F.

Don’t put the device itself in an oven of any kind; it will likely break long before you get it to 300F.
Proper use of this device is for the probes to go in the meat, the leads to be brought outside the oven/smoker, and attached to the main unit (which must be outside the oven/heat box).


If I were the manufacturer, this would be worth $1 gajillion. It is a junk number and you are using it in an attempt to sell things. You should concede the point, not be overjoyed that someone agrees with you.

Bought this a few month ago. I’m a temp probe fanatic and this one is the best. I had a large picnic the other week and used 4 of the 6 probes and everything came out perfect. If you love properly cooked cooked food then you need this product.

Trust me, I have BEGGED for it to be removed or renamed to MSRP. :wah:

I bought one back on Prime Day… I would suggest an OveGlove to grab the probes unless you personally need fewer layers of skin on your finger tips.