Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

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Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer
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These are absolutely great! I’ve been using mine for several months, and it’s accurate, measures six separate temperatures all at once , works perfectly with my android phone, connects reliably and holds the connection, and it’s easy to operate. I’ve been using it mostly in my smokers, and it works very well. It allows you to set timers as well as alarms for temperature, and even provides a running graph of what the temperature has been!

Highly recommended!

This https://smile.amazon.com/Tenergy-Thermometer-Controlled-Bluetooth-Stainless/dp/B077821Z4C seems to be the same one on Amazon, by the white-on-black LCD and mostly matching pictures.

57.99$ and 4 stars.

I’ve been happily using this for almost a year now, in conjunction with the app on my iPhone as well as solo, without the app. Both methods work quickly and smoothly. Over the years I’ve been through many thermometers, mostly in the low to moderately-priced arena, and I’ve regretted purchasing just about all of them. They all of a sudden no longer function at all, or worse, give me a significantly inaccurate reading. I’ve found the accuracy on this one to be spot-on, even when compared in little side-by-side tests with my heated Sous Vide water and a friend’s ThermoPro. I use it with my meats in my pellet smoker, charcoal grill, and sometimes when spot-checking oven-roasted meats. One word of advice: DO NOT be a newb like me and believe the probe cover AND gray winder can BOTH survive 425 degree heat. Instead, unsnap the winder from the probe cover and put aside! Once this is done, it is very durable! Great buy!

I hope they put more care into their product than they do their add…


Don’t you mean “ad” not “add”? Maybe you should check that before you criticize their spelling . . . .

I also have been using this all summer and I will not grill without it. It works great with out without the phone app. I like the app, click on what kind of meat it is, click how you like it cooked. wait till the alarm goes off, and eat. it’s perfect.

OMG, you’re one of those people. And if you’re going to criticize someone, you should check your own writing. There’s a very simple grammatical error.

How does this compare to the Weber iGrill? I have the grill, but have not bought the thermometer for it.
Fist time poster, long time admirer…

This continues to be one of my best Woots of all time, both in terms of value for the money and for how well it works. Using these probes while grilling has really taken all the “stress” out of having to deliver 4 different steaks at 4 different temps to the dinner table. It makes it fun and, most importantly, it just WORKS.

This is a 5-Star purchase for me.

Edit: fat finger typo.

Wait… Did you just ‘OMG you’re one of those people’ and then do the exact thing ‘those’ people do?

Next time, try “OMG you’re one of MY people!”

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(Quality Post??)


PS: I did have to use my - Universal Translator - but I got it!!

Put me in the “I love this thing, it does just what it says on the box” column.


I already bought one, so it’s probably too late, but how far will this connect to the bluetooth? Asking for real world experience, vs ‘the specification says foo’.

You missed the irony. My guess is that happens a lot in your life.

The range is whatever you get with Bluetooth on your phone. Test the range you get by linking with another phone via Bluetooth. The extent of that distance will be similar to that of the thermometer.

As others have said, this is a great product for your run-of-the-mill backyard BBQer.