Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Razzafrazzin. XO I bought one of these a while ago when it was 50$ or so.

Very good thermometer, seems accurate compared to another one I have that was tested against yet a third.

I bought this last time it showed up. I LOVE the fact that I can have multiple probes (turkey breast vs. turkey thigh, anyone?) and the app on the phone works well for keeping an eye on what’s in the oven without hovering in the kitchen.
The only thing to remember is that that black wire holder around the color probe has to come off before it goes in the oven. I forgot about that since this Thanksgiving and was rewarded with a couple of puddles of black plastic on the oven sheet. The probe still works fine, but two of my probes are less wire organized than before.
Of course, they say my wiring is a bit disorganized also.
This is a good deal, works well, and stays neater in the drawer than the multiple probe thermometers I used to have

I bought one last time as well. Very good product. 1 word of caution, be careful when using on the outdoor grill. I had a nice steak going, but the fat dripped and the flames came up and burned the probe (my fault!). I lost 1 probe due to the flames, but it works perfectly.

Great gift for the griller on your list, and a very good price. I bought this a while back. Being able to check the temp on multiple items (or places on a large item) on the grill without having to go check the grill is really nice. I can just look at the app on my phone and see if things are ready. Recommend.

I also got this one during a recent Woot - works fantastic in the pellet smoker! Can’t really beat it for the price!

I bought this from Woot a few weeks ago when it was $40 (Drat!).
Works great. Although the app was a little fiddley, I have little problem setting alarms, temps, etc. now.
Bluetooth range seems to be very good.
I highly recommend.

I am another that bought this during a previous Woot! and also Love it! Have used it multiple times and has yet to let me down. I like having it sync to my phone and I’m able to monitor meat on the grill while working on other dishes in the kitchen, and don’t have to worry as much about over cooking it. I also used it this Thanksgiving on our turkey, put several probes in different spots of the bird and was able to monitor if some spots were cooking faster than others and rotate the bird accordingly. I am buying another for a gift for my father, and I would highly recommend this thermometer!