Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

I bought this unit here some time ago. It has been great!

Can I use this on a grill? Will the heat damage it or melt it if I close the lid or use in an oven or smoker?

Upwards of like 600 degrees on that grill when I’m speed grilling.

I’ve used mine in an air fryer at 400 with no trouble. It does claim to be a BBQ thermometer, so I would suspect it’d be ok, but no direct experience. Looking at the listing on Amazon, though:

  • 6-CHANNEL PROBES & FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT - Each FDA approved stainless steel probe has a heat resistant (482°F) BPA-free silicon handle. The wire is crafted with metal braiding & upgraded Teflon core capable of withstanding up to 716°F, making Solis grill thermometer an leading design.

(Emphasis added.) But they’re also free replacement if you torch them…

I have used this exact thermometer for a few years now and it’s absolutely perfect.

I have two of these, one for home and one for camp. The first I’ve had for well over a year. I’ve tested both in ice bath and boiling water, and all six probes have been and continue to be perfectly accurate on both. I’ve also used them many times on the grill and in my smoker, and had no issues beyond some minor discoloration of the silicon from the smoke. The bluetooth interface is nice and the app is easy to use. I highly recommend them.

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I bought this last time it was offered have used it a few times, it is great, only 2 drawbacks I have found with it, it would be nice if the ports were also color coded to match the probes so you knew which one to plug into, not a huge deal as its easy enough to have a little chart to remember. And wish It was both wifi and bluetooth, My grilling area is just at the far range of the bt range so I have to leave my phone in the kitchen window for it to stay connected, still way better than having to go out back to check it. Unit seems like it is constructed well and will last. Overall 95% satisfied with it. Add in the price and its a no brainer.

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A+++ unit.

Buy it here and now and get the best for less.

I really doubt the silicon will hold up to anything over 500°. You could, however, use the probes as an instant-read instead of leaving them in the grill. The highest temp I have subjected mine to is around 430°. They are holding up really well.

Looks like this is the same price as on their website. However, their website doesn’t charge tax outside of CA.

I purchased this from Woot! last month. The temps are right on! I’m loving it. The WiFi range is much longer than I thought it would be. It will reach from my smoker (around 100’ from my house) to inside my house. I love this little gadget. I like the app, but you lose your graphing capability if you don’t leave it running in the background. If you want to use it for your oven or smoker, you cant lose. Especially not for this price.

I gotta be honest. I’m not the very best cook, and still I’ve never needed one of these. What are you guys seriously doing that you need a 40 dollar thermometer? I’ve had one of those metal dollar one for decades. Do we really need WIFI meat? lol.

I mean there are countless versions of this for $30-$40 all over the internet in different forms and names… then there are countless $5-$10 alternatives. I’m not doubting this is popular and clearly a seller… but to consider it a deal… lol.

I’d definitely bite at $15-$25 for sure.

When you’re smoking meats, it’s crucial to monitor the internal temps. For example, if I’m cooking a pork butt low and slow, I’ll put a probe or two into the meat and have another probe on the grill grate. Then, I can monitor their temps on my IPad in the house and know when the meat is done and the grill is operating at the right temperature. It’s obvious you’re not the best cook or you’d know that…pretty basic stuff. And it is actually a great price…you’d pay $40 for a single probe unit. This one has 6.

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That makes sense. People really love their smokers. I’ve always grilled but have so many friends that swear by their smokers. Maybe I’ll send them a link to this and see if they want one. Thanks!

I will also attest to this unit, I’ve used on grill, while smoking, in the oven, etc. All the probes seem to be consistently accurate.

I also bought one of these the last time around. Absolutely love it. I’ve used it on both the grill and the smoker. Three probes in the meats on the smoker and one on the grate to monitor box temp. Setting the alarms on the app is awesome because I can just walk away and wait for something to beep… no more checking the fire box every hour!

I have one of these. First off, it is a nice unit. My problem is that 3 of the probes do not read consistently anymore. I have had this for less than 1 year. Over cooked a brisket by fifteen degrees because of the probe. I at least check my probes before every use and this one started miss reading sometime during the cook.

I see a full page of nearly identical thermometers at the mothership. Is this the original? The best? Or are they all white label knock offs of each other, and it doesn’t really matter?

Bought this last time it was available, felt like it worked extremely well. If you’re smoking multiple meats, especially different meats I think it’s great. I will say that:

  • yes, the silicone ends of the probes get a bit discolored in the grill
  • the plastic used to wrap the cords around the probes does come off for storage and isn’t meant to go in the grill
  • the bluetooth range for the app might be shorter than you think when going back in your house and putting several walls between you and the grill. The disconnect warning isn’t exactly friendly to the ears.

All that said, would totally buy again at this price.

If you’re grilling at temps of 600F, it’s pretty doubtful you need a thermometer. Searing Steaks, and such you’ll blast them, then back the temps way off…even then, I’ve never used a thermometer for steaks…I do use these in my smoker, and I’ll use them for roasts or beer can chickens on the grill. Biggest issue is turning the meat with a thermometer in it.