Tennis Balls in Bulk (Your Choice)

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Tennis Balls in Bulk (Your Choice)
Price: $14.99 - 39.99
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I highly recommend buying tennis balls in bulk, for your dog(s). A couple years ago I purchased used tennis balls, on eBay, for my dogs and now I never worry about losing one or another dog taking off with ours, because I have several more.

If I didn’t already have plenty, I would be jumping on this sale, because with shipping I want to say I payed just under $1 per ball.

So what’s the deal with these? Are they made differently than standard balls so they don’t feel flat? How do they stay springy without being pressurized?

Isn’t the whole purpose of buying tennis balls to get the satisfaction of opening a new can?

Bad reviews for the hopper on Amazon:

These are good for practice balls, especially for new players and kids. Neither of those groups will notice the difference when practicing their serve or returning backhands to a coach with a giant bucket hitting one after the other to them.

Can I have these drop-shipped to my Congressman? He needs some.

I totally agree. However, you can get Penn balls cheaper at the ol’ Wallyworld. It may be a sale right now, I can’t tell for sure, but I will be headed out to grab some because our dog sure goes through them!

Target has a 12pk of Penn balls for $7.49 right now, so ~$0.62/ball. These are right at $1.00/ball for the 24pk and $0.74 per/ball for the 60pk. Even the 3pk at Target is only $0.66/ball.

Answer Q1: These are made better then the standard balls ( higher quality rubber) to help withstand your dogs fetch game, or a wicked game of tennis!

Answer Q2: Non Pressurized lasts longer, as if you purchase a pressurized ball, they loose it’s air much faster.

Here is some deeper level information for those of you who have the time to read this :slight_smile:

Pressurized balls, which are far and away the norm in the U.S., are manufactured with an internal air pressure higher than that of the ambient atmosphere. This additional pressure is what lends the balls their stiffness, bounce, and feel. It’s also why pressurized balls are sold in pressurized cans; once a can is cracked open, and the balls are exposed to the surrounding air, their internal pressure (and playability) begins to slowly diminish. (As The Physics and Technology of Tennis notes, “the rubber walls of most balls are slightly permeable to air,” hence the leakage.) After several sessions, as you know, it’s time to crack open a few new cans.

Non-pressurized balls, on the other hand, don’t derive their stiffness from elevated internal pressure; rather, they bounce because of a thicker rubber shell. For this reason, they don’t go flat. Typically, the pressureless variety are more expensive to manufacture, are sold in other packaging (instead of cans), and are most popular in Europe. In terms of their playability, the general consensus is that they feel and play a bit harder and “deader.”

Good luck, those don’t seem to be available for local pickup.

Is the speed and direction that these get thrown out of the hopper adjustable?

It’s just a hopper. It holds and picks up balls. It doesn’t throw them.

Do people actually pay $250 for a wire basket with folding handles?

That seems an awfully unreasonable comparison price for the hopper.

Bulk tennis balls and hopper. For that rare individual who sprung for a big house with a tennis court, but is too cheap to buy the accompanying equipment…

My Great Dane would love these, but she would have a hole in each one in about an hour. They would be fun at the dog park.

tried to assemble the ball hopper. it was horribly warped to begin with and shattered as I tried to “forcibly” connect the parts. the horrible directions had “forcibly” in there. now it’s in the trash. do not buy the hopper. it’s a piece of junk.

Sorry for your experience. If you haven’t yet, please send your situation and order info to CS can check into any available options.