Tents, Shelters, Airbeds, & Sleeping Bags

The Sierra canopy looks alright. People on Amazon say the size is not exactly accurate.

Space holder marked “blank” for the Texsport cot?

[MOD: LOL. Fixed.]

So you get the airbed but not the pump?

MOD, is it really fixed? Pictures are the same as for the Mil Spec Plus cot, one even says Mil Spec Plus. The Texsport is rated for 250 lbs., the Mil Spec Plus is rated for 800. Thinking they might look a little different :slight_smile: Also, and idea on the weight of the Texsport one?

The pump is built in. I bought this off amazon for $115 and it is fantastic. Has three firmness setting and a silent secondary pump that keeps it full all night.

We get lots of satisfied over-night guests that utilize it.

The “Wenzel 74923914 Grande 0° Sleeping Bag - Brown/Flan” is completely the wrong picture.

Dammit - wish I’d checked in earlier in the week - those camping pads are awesome if you use a standing desk.

Does anyone know what the pack weight of any of the sleeping bags are? I can find the shipping weight but that’s about it.

Could you link to the one(s) you’re asking about?

@Mods… 7 years of probation is a long time for a single post lol…

Haha! Sometimes 7yrs probation for one post isn’t enough. :slight_smile: