Tenzing Packs for the SERIOUS Backpack Aficionado



I heard some of you like camo around here. Now we’ve got more bags for you!


Must say, that looks fairly good on the female. If only it came in black…


I would agree with the black, a very form fitting breathable cloth like material.

Who wouldn’t go camping with that?


I love the Max-1 camo. Just wish they were discounted more so I could justify new hunting backpacks for us. Horping the sling pack for the bow is practical. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to carry bow in hand when going to the stand or tracking.


Seriously: what is a meat compartment?


I don’t see any that can strap on a M61 and a thousand rounds of ammos.


Tenzing as in Sherpa Tenzing aka Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa who summitted Mt. Everest with Edmund Hilary? Ironic that they used a Buddhist’s name to push gear for hunting. Just sayin’.


Love these - but the archery one is a few bucks cheaper on Amazon, especially with Prime shipping. http://www.amazon.com/Tenzing-1140-Single-Sling-Archery/dp/B00841QHMW

Keep bringing the hunting and camo deals! One of these days my husband is going to get his own woot account and then I’m really going to be in trouble.


That’s a funny finding as Woot = Amazon, so technically doesn’t matter where you buy it from, they will always win!!!


I have never seen ANY pack that could handle an M61 and its 20mm ammo.



7 lbs for a pack?? That’s insanely heavy, even for the size. Old skool. Modern packs are much lighter. This is probably bomb-proof, but impractical for most uses other than being bombed.


‘Old packs’ also ripped at the seems. Mine did and I only carried books in it.
I’d rather have a ‘modern pack’ that can handle the weight than a cheap, under-$50 bag.


At that weight, it better be made of 2000 denier fabric


Nothing says “Hidden in the Woods” like the giant bright yellow line on the seams.


I can’t look at these and not think DayZ.