Tercero Wines Santa Barbara Red Cuvees (3)

Tercero Wines Santa Barbara Red Cuvees 3-Pack
$67.99 $115.00 41% off List Price
2009 Tercero Cuvee Loco, Larner Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley
2 2009 Tercero Cuvee Christie Santa Barbara County
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Good evening, folks! Larry Schaffer here, ready and raring to answer any questions you may have about my wines!

I’m soooo excited to be taking part in another wine.woot offering - tis been awhile!

I’ll be on for awhile but will have to hit the hay as I bottled most of my 2013 whites earlier today and need to prep for bringing in Roussanne and Gewurztraminer early next week . . .


JavaDrinker, CoffeMate, & I met with Larry at a local LB WineBar last week, and we all enjoyed his wines, especially the Cuvee Christie.

We all bought last week, just so we could avoid the shipping this week!

Can’t recommend Tercero highly enough. Very excellent wines! Even with Larry. :wink:

Edit: And if you are in Los Olivos (Santa Barbara AVA) area, let him know you are coming to his tasting room! He makes the best bread!

Thanks my friend! Wonderful seeing all of you and hope to get back down to your hood in the near future!!!


So excited to see Tercero Wines on Woot. Larry’s wines are amazing. Cuvee Christie is by far one of my favorites. We are hoping to have Tercero Wines at our wedding!

That would be awesome!!! I had a good friend pour the 09 Cuvee Christie at their wedding - it was a hit!!!

Get a hold of me if you’d like to discuss further - and share the heck out of this deal so you can let all of your friends know :slight_smile:


And here I was going to email you to let you know this was up!

Do we need to combine shipping?

Yee haw!!!

Speaking of which…sent you an email last week wondering about places one can have weddings up by you. molarchae and I were thinking it’d be awesome if we could do that.

Seriously…he had a great cracked pepper bread going on when time2testit, redhead11, molarchae and I were up there around Memorial Day.

Saw that and sorry I haven’t responded - will try to do so manana!!!


Oh I do love to bake my breads as well!!!

No worries…it’s harvest time! Just glad it didn’t go right into the spam folder :wink:

Hrm…I think the specs are off by $10. Retail is $30 for the Cuvee Christie and $35 on the Loco. That makes $95 not $105. Brings the discount to 35% - still very solid, and still will break me once I sort things out with time2testit/redhead11 for who buys and such.

The Cuvee Christie is actually priced ay $35 . . . but is normally priced at $30 for my wonderful wine club members :slight_smile:


Very tempted!
I have not had any of the tercero reds but loved all the whites. What to do?

Ah…nifty! So your “buy wines” page is outdated. You may want to check on that.

Cortot, you want these. They’re yum. The Cuvee Christie was one of the most enjoyed wines at the pre-tour gathering as best as I could tell as well.

I have a bottle of the 09’ Christie along with a Larner Grenache and Syrah, none of which I have tried yet. I know…I need to hurry up and start drinking them.

Although some of the wines were already gone when we arrived at the meet-n-greet, thankfully there was some Cuvee Christie available. Once I tried it, I stuck with it for the rest of the gathering. Dark red and black fruits with some spice and mocha. Soft, lush mouthfeel but firm tannins. Excellent!