Teriacha Sauce Sampler Pack (4)

Teriacha (Teriyaki + Sriracha) Sweet & Spicy Sauce Sampler 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$29.99 $49.96 40% off List Price
(2) - Teriacha™ – Original, 18 oz. Squeeze Bottle
(1) - Teriacha™ – Chipotle, 18 oz. Squeeze Bottle
(1) - Teriacha™ – Southwest, 18 oz. Squeeze Bottle

This sounds interesting and possibly tasty, but would like to sample first.

Woot, it’d be nice to have sample sizes available to try before going into full purchase mode. I don’t know the logistics of making that happen, but just a suggestion!

Bought the set after reading 5 Star Amazon reviews. Most stated similar things, like not to sweet or hot but perfect. Can’t wait to try.