Terlato Family Vineyards Syrah (6)

We do not have a Terlato Family Vineyards tasting room exclusively dedicated to these wines as the idea behind TFV was for us to produce wines from the best of our vineyard holdings and exclusively dedicated to old world varietals. As a result, we have TFV wines from Stags Leap District, Rutherford Bench, Russian River and Dry Creek with another on it way from Santa Rita Hills is Santa Barbara.

The grapes chosen for these wines are from generally the same vineyard area, with the Block 9 coming from a designated vineyard site within our Dry Creek vineyards.

We make a couple of Zins from our Dry Creek vineyards as well and our vineyards are located at the confluence of Dry Creek and Russian River. Really fantastic dirt in which we can make some delicious wines.

Btw, love Tom Rochioli’s wines. He is amazing!

Are any of the grapes sourced from your Alderbrook vineyards? Always a fan of your wines, but I would like a little more detail on which vineyards the grapes are sourced from in DCV.

It may be easier to just run a special deal thru your website. I’m sure WD would be okay with that! They’re usually pretty flexible at WW. Or include special pricing deal with packing info when wine is shipped. Done quite often with other wineries.

Oh boy…I will do my best not to go too deep on the “ratings” discussion.

SH at the WA could possibly enjoy the high alcohol, heavily extracted wines I spoke of earlier (and this is not a criticism, it’s merely an observation). If this is the case, SH might be indifferent to the style of winemaking present in these wines - which I would describe as intense and complex, yet much more subtle - kind of like the difference between Dolly Parton and Kate Moss - both talented, but maybe one is a little more subtle than the other.

My suggestion to those who enjoy wine is to be your own critic and your own judge. There are so many wonderful wines available today - try them for yourself and you be the judge. Why let someone else have all the fun.

Great question. Yes. My family owns the Alderbrook Winery and the vineyards as well. In fact, we purchased Alderbrook because of the quality of vineyards. So the vineyards and grapes chosen for these wines are indeed on the Alderbrook property.

Great suggestion. Thank you.

Drink up!

If WineDavid hadn’t bankrupted me over the last 3 weeks, I would be in on this offer.

Points are stupid!

With wines, I agree with you.

With Vodka however, bring on the Tito’s.

This is very tempting especially with the 2007 Syrah included. Now if only you guys can throw in some Chimney Rock Cabs to top it off… :wink:

It was holding up quite well.

Fantastic. I will open a bottle this week.

Thanks for answering my question. The Alderbrook property produces some phenomenal fruit. Count me in!

Terrific. Thanks for the support. Enjoy these wines - I trust they will bring a smile to your face and to the faces of those with whom you have shared.

A friend from Austin turned us on to Tito’s. A great vodka!

Did a blind taste test with 3 other Vodkas. Tito’s won every time. Good stuff.


Plus Tito is a cool guy and being from Austin doesn’t hurt. I have had better vodkas though, but Tito has a very nice QPR.

As long as we’re wishing and it’s close to Christmas…How bout an EPISODE or GALAXY?