Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

Sounds like a good bean to try out on the Espresso/Latte feature my Keurig machine has. I don’t use it often enough to buy a bag of espresso beans so we’ll see how it goes.

Honestly, I would LOVE to hear how that works out.

As a roaster I try my coffee in a few different types of brewers…but not a K Cup yet.

Thank you for giving my coffee a chance!

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Do I get both flavors of coffee when i order?

Yes, the woot deal is for 2lbs and the two pounds are the ones shown!

Thanks for trying Terra Firma Roasting!!!

I ordered this last time and really enjoyed the fresh beans. I don’t know if they were the same roasts since the labeling is more robust now, but they were two district, delicious coffees, especially the Columbian.
The only odd thing was that it would bloom to twice it’s size. Didn’t make me like it less, but be warned if you’re making pour over that it can overflow the filter.

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Hi! It’s jeremy the roaster…believe it or not, that bloom is purely based on freshness and not be degassed! Its really a good thing vs. the opposite of no blooming. Anyways, thanks for trying last time and this time I am doing the ever popular Ethiopian with my #1 selling blend…Hope you try it! Thank you as well for trying before.

Hey I appreciate these guys trying to make a living. That said, there are so many less pricey options for equally good, (even organic) fresh roasted coffees online. I was a roaster for a boutique coffee company. So I know what to look for. I see many companies with catchy names and cool logos on their bags charging 14-16 for a lb of coffee. If someone has a monopoly on one single origin bean that you can’t live without, maybe, but for a blend?. Me, I discovered a chain outlet store that has fantastic single origin coffee for 5 bucks a bag.

Congrats on your find! As the roaster for terrafirma I can tell you that these days my prices INCLUDING the shipping are no where’s near overpriced. As far as my blend…I use no cheap typical blending beans. It’s a pretty awesome blend…but hey, seems your mind is made up.

I grind and store a ½ pound of bean at a time. It’s the reason why I buy whole bean, to get a great tasting cup of coffee without stale grounds. For years I’ve always enjoyed using reusable K-cup pods so I can adjust the amount of coffee to water.

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Hey, Jeremy! It appears that you actually are local to me. :smiley: Do you sell retail at all? (Although going into a shop is probably not something I’ll do until we are no longer in the grip of a pandemic.) I didn’t really know anything about fluid bed roasting until today. I did a little research and would be willing to give it a try, but generally full city roast is darker than I like. I like a medium roast with no, or almost no, oil on the beans (the JavaPresse medium blend is one of my favorites). If I buy off of a store shelf I usually get light because everything is over-roasted for the description. How dark/oily are your beans when they come out of the roaster? Thanks.

You probably could have waited another day or two until the beans had more fully degassed before grinding them. It helps with consistent flavor too. I usually wait at least 3-4 days and sometimes up to seven days depending on the recommendation of the roaster.

sure thang!

Little to no oil…me dark isn’t that dark!

Has anyone recieved their coffee yet?

Hi there. We checked in with the vendor.

The vendor says most will be shipped by tomorrow, the balance by Friday.


I received the coffee pretty fast via UPS. The only problem is they were shipped in a Tyvek self-sealing white envelope allowing one of the bags to burst open. Fortunately both bags didn’t burst or else I would have a combination of coffee beans. Is there any way the next time @coffeeguyinoakland sells coffee beans they’re shipped in something that provides better protection?

This white plastic packaging is used with other coffees sold here on Woot! So maybe Woot! or mothership is packaging for vendor? Or is this just a “common” mailer? Because I agree, this packaging is inappropriate. Mine have come torn as well (different vendor). I seem to remember seeing someone else complaining about this packaging & coffee not long ago on the forum.

Mine was shipped from the vendor in Sonoma California.

I’m disappointed. Jeremy promised shipping within 3 days of roast. My two bags were 7 and 10 days off roast on the day they were shipped. They got here the next day, so that was fast, but I’m confused by a shipping label that indicates it came from a California wine company even though UPS shows the package originated in Eagan MN (which is correct). The seal on one of my bags was broken, but nothing spilled. Anyway, I would rather have waited a little longer for a fresher roast.

Well, I am the owner/roaster and I can promise shipping within at the LATEST 3 days of roasting. Also, its fluid bed roasted and if you haven’t tried it…you really should!

My bags were shipped 7 and 10 days off roast (and then arrived the next day). Not even close to three days. Have to say I’m disappointed. I expected fresher based on your comments.