Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

Terra Firma Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

The description of the beans from this roaster sounds enticing. Anyone ever purchase product from this purveyor?


I haven’t had these varieties, but the one’s I did have were great! While this is certainly more expensive than the stuff you’ll buy at the grocery store, if you like coffee you can taste, this is worth it.


As the roaster I use the words of the ever knowledgeable Starsky and Hutch…Do It!

You will like the coffee, fluid bed roasting is simply a better way

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If I were at the office today I would go around and ask everyone I see what they think of “fluid bed roasting.”


It’s so smooth…sometimes technology works. Try it!

I despise coffee, but I 100% enjoyed the description. Thanks.

I too, am sold on the description! I have a few lbs of Lavazza to get through but I may order on the next offering. If not for myself then for my mother.

Thank You!

Accommodation, free food and medical care are all provided to the workers.

I’m here for a job application.


Not quite sure what you mean in your post.

This is Jeremy the roaster at terra firma. Can I help with anything?

Hi Jeremy, I would like to sign up for these benefits. I’d appreciate it if you could put in a good word for me with the grower.

Just a small detail but I have 0 experience picking beans and I might ruin your future imports.

Thanks Jeremy, you’re the best!

You can excuse him. He was just injecting a bit of Woot humor into the discussion. :w_happy1:

We’ve gotten so used to the poorly translated descriptions that a thoughtful and well articulated description gets us going. It’s a good thing.

My cats name is mittens.


It would have been nice to have informational labels on the bags instead of a lil sticker on the back.

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Sorry about that…but all the info can be found at www.terrafirmaroasting.com

I try to stay with as little materials used as possible typically. In your opinion if I used a slightly larger sticker with a brief description would that suffice? I would value your opinion.