Terraillon Nature Wood Kitchen Scale

ok i’ll buy two.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Florida wooting. Guess all the Floridians in Jacksonville got some green to weigh so they can ya know buy their 80,000" rims.

Wood is naturally antibacterial. It’s true; JFGI if you don’t believe me. Obviously you can’t let it puddle, but once you wipe it down you’re fine.

for anyone in the market for a digital scale, this is a steal. As for any items that might not be good on the wood surface, use a tray or cling wrap over the top and use the tare option, that is why they have it. so for raw meat or your coke or herbs there is no issues with contamination or inaccuracy.

How much did this thing sell for?

I’m not positive this is how it works, but:

Woot wage: $9,098.73 (per hour)
Order Pace: 0m 5.144s

9098.73/60 = 151.6455 (woot wage per minute)

(5.144 * 54)/60 = 4.6296 (total sales time in minutes)

151.6455 * 4.6296 = 702.0580 (total sales amount)

702.0580 / 54 = 13.0010 (sales price of the item)

I assume that the woot wage does not include tax or shipping, as that is something that they don’t keep anyway. Can anyone confirm this method of determining price for me?

Or I suppose there is an even easier method:

Woot wage: $9,098.73 (revenue per hour)
Order pace: 0m 5.144s

9,098.73/3600 = 2.527425 (revenue per second)

2.527425 * 5.144 = 13.0010