Terrible Gifts For Father's Day

well that’s a tease. Show the Niners hat as the main pic, but then it’s not an option to purchase.

The Mayhem 1070 Black Rasta is a picture of the Penny board. So what does this one look like?

The Niner’s hat is there. Second row, third column.

Its not an option to purchase when selecting your team.

Hahaha!!! These are AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:

Lol yeah some of these are definitely TERRIBLE Fathers Day gifts - an Epilady? a skirt apron? Butter lotion somethingorother? Wow.

No Chicago Bears hat? Junk

I disagree, the bean bag is awesome. Especially for gamer dads. I would ask for one if I didn’t already have a huge one sitting in my living room.

Indeed, I’m sorry about that. We got the sales image changed, hopefully we can get the main Plus sale image changed, too.

The bean bag chair…is it real cotton jean or it is the one that has some kind of coating on it…some are listed on AMEZON…I like the real jean cotton one…anyone knows the detailson this one…

are the blankets those really thick heavy ones?

No Colorado sports, no Broncos… lame!

I am so confused! Lots of people have diff pics, I see a Uconn nation title banner. That is 3 years old…

I imagine the retailers are going to be thrilled Woot qualifies their products as terrible.

Motorola VGA Travel Adapter should have shown the other end. Doesn’t work for me!

Picked up a Mayhem board. I was excited to see it come in, but slightly disappointed to find that one of the pieces of hard ware that holds the wheel in place was deformed and wasn’t allowing the wheel to roll. I don’t know how they got the hardware on there like that, but it has immobilized by board for sure!