TERRIBLE Mother's Day Gifts

What, no hammock?

The bra sizes available are shown differently than the sizes in the specs. IJS

I remember the replica pogo stick from Pawn Stars. It didn’t go over well there either.

are those “Ugly” Christmas sweaters true ugly sweaters or are they wannabe, screen-print designs?

lol, i was just thinking the same think, except they paid $20 for it as i remember

Definitely in for the My Little Pony underwear…I think that will me kudos with the wife!

Not sure which would be worse for getting for Mom, the Batman undies, or the Conair Weight Watcher’s scale…

Get both and let us know.

Surprised the MLP Panties don’t come in men’s sizes. Like XXXL…

Just bought my mom some panties. Can’t wait to see her trot around the house in them.