Terrific Turkey Digital Meat Thermometer

Terrific Turkey Digital Meat Thermometer???

no thanks

What happens if you use this on a turducken?

Would have been nice a couple weeks ago for Thanksgiving.

Warning - what we have here is a “Unitasker” - this only does one thing.

To borrow from Alton Brown, “The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is the fire extinguisher.”

I’ll use my wireless probe that tells me the actual temperature of whatever is being cooked.

from a qvc q/a:
Ready to gobble up that tasty turkey dinner? Before you do, make sure it’s prepared to the perfect temperature with a Terrific Turkey thermometer. A magnetic sensor sits outside of the oven while the thermometer goes to work, letting you check the temperature with a glance. When your turkey’s internal temperature reaches 165F, the alarm flashes. And gobbles!

Digital requires digits, not Analog light
No thanks

$15 on Amazon w/ prime shipping
Amazon Turkey Thermometer

Would be sweet if the alarm sounded like a turkey gobbling.

Looking at the map, it seems folks upNorth/backEast have trouble cooking turkey.

they must have 8 million on these

ROFLMAO! Now I’ve seen everything! I’m sure I’d kill (melt) the little turkey somehow and then burn the one in the oven…

AGH! runs screaming

Agreed, the word Digital seems lost on this product. Beyond that, by the time this beeps your turkey is DRY.

So you have to leave your oven open for the “extra long 36 cable”?

according one description I found, it does.

It’s a digital light. Totally Binary.

Tempted to buy them all just so we can move on…

I picked up one of these in a previous Woot & used it at Thanksgiving. Yes, it does only one thing, but it does that thing very well. I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to keep opening the oven to check on the turkey - a real bonus when also juggling sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc. For the price it was handy, it was dandy, and I will use it in all my turkey endeavors.

does this only work for turkey?