Terroir 95470 Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Terroir 95470 Sauvignon Blanc, by Chance Creek 6-Pack
$64.99 $̶1̶1̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 43% off List Price
2010 Terroir 95470 Sauvignon Blanc, Mendocino
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The Jennings speed review in the ct link mentions ripe gooseberry which is scaring me off a lil here. Did anyone get to try this?

Sorry about hijack but received my case of “mixed” McLean Rose and cannot believe what Was in the box: ELEVEN 2005 and ONE 2007. Really? I am a HUGE supporter of WW but this has me truly irked. Market a mixed six pack so I buy two of them to get eleven of one vintage? I hope Wine David or Neil make this right. Sorry Chance Creek! I bought a case of your previous offer BTW

Yeah, that’s not good. I highly suggest you contact woot at the support link above. They may miss this posting.

Mine arrives today, perhaps we can even things out a bit, depending…

that’s the wine equivalent of ordering french fries and having a rogue onion ring stow away in the bottom of the bag

except I paid $110 for these “fries”

More like ordering the Pu Pu platter and getting 5 egg rolls and 1 crab rangoon.

Really it is more citrus and nectarine, but still we get 90 points. Elegant and fun wine for many uses. Aperitif and food pairing. Try some grilled salmon or crab, and it works, sprinkle some chopped cilantro onto your seafood taco and it makes my mouth water just thinking of the combo of Terroir sb washing it down. Thanks Wooters!

Thanks for jumping on board! Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2010 Chance Creek offered here a few months back. It was crisp and bright. I noticed this offer has Viogner and a splash of chard plus some RS and time in oak barrels. How are they different? I do not like any sweetness in whites so holding back a bit. Thanks!

I’m liking the blend… added complexity and mouthfeel, no doubt. Not liking the oak so much (neutral or not).

My question is… you are showing RS as being .16 - with no confirmation that it is .16 g/l.

Not gonna hit the button on what seems to be a nice summer sipper unless there’s verification - or a good review.

Gee, I really miss the old Woot where we got lab rattage (or even got to be lab rats).

get in touch with Support@Woot.com so we can see about mixing it up. depending on what’s available and such factors, i’m not certain what the resolution will be, but we definitely will do what we can.

sorry for the cruddy not-mix.

PM for ya…

Like a box of Good and Plenty with only one Good and all the rest are Plentys. (But no cuties)

This is a fun game.

Typical expression of RS and TA in the U.S. is grams per 100 ml (the same as %). 0.16% is not perceptibly sweet (.16 g/l would be extremely dry). The TA is also expressed here as grams per 100 ml (of tartaric acid equivalent).

Unfortunately, even if Woot’s Amazon masters still allowed rattage, it would do you no good for wines that are on sale for just one day. By the time the rats received their bottle, the next offer (or even the one after that) would be up.

As it happens, however, I happened to encounter a bottle of this about a week ago. Fair warning: I tend to like (white) grapefruit bombs and minerally Loire exemplars of the grape, so my reaction should be read in that light. It was quite drinkable, but not something I’d go out of my way to look for. (Not that I could order it anyway, thanks to the idiocy of the Virginia legislature.)

As you may guess, I would have liked an even stronger white grapefruit component to it. I’d call this price point (under $12/bottle shipped) a reasonable value but not a screaming bargain. If you like more sweet and less tart in your SB than I do, you might like it better than I did.

Rose with crab rangoon? Hmm.

Same here, what’s your fave that runs towards the Loire/mineral from elsewhere? CA/NZ/AU, etc…

But, I do like the other side as well, this one sounds intriguing.

Yeah, I got the same mix: 5 '05s and one '07. Kinda sucks.