Terroir 95470 Sauvignon Blanc (6)

It is not sweet at all, rounder in the mouth from the bit of chard and extra viognier. RS is .02%, or otherwise dry. It is meant to be more of a chardonnay drinkers sauvignon blanc.

Read Ceasre “CT Above” for rating. Our main SB, Chance Creek has more grapefruit…

I recently had this at a friends house and agree with mstein. It is somewhere between the NZ and French styles. There is some fruit, but not a lot and it doesn’t quite get that crisp minerally Sancerre style either. It is quite drinkable on a summer afternoon on the deck, and not a bad value at around $11, but personally I would spend another $1.50 and go for Kim Crawford on sale somewhere.

Terrior 95470 Sauvignon Blanc

Slightly chilled, 57F. Nose is very strong and floral with hints of tropical fruit. Hard to narrow it down, but it really does jump out of the glass, which is a good fit for an apertif. Palate is medium weight with medium+ acid. Acid comes through much more on the finish than the mid palate. Not very much fruit showing on the palate, but picking up a hint of trop fruit, very small component of grass, and some tart citrus. Will chill a little cooler and then try again as it warms to room temp.
Poured another glass that started off cooler. Paired with some left over Indian curry potatoes and a couple slices of lake county white cheddar. This went really nicely with the cheese and had the acid to cut through the spicy curry.

Fruit is opening up and the palate and staying away from the really grassy side. At the current woot price this is a good deal for easy drinking summer white. The best fit for this would be appetizers or a cheese plate.

Got to try the 05’ and thought it was awesome for the price. I had ordered but had the order swapped for something else by WW due to being short on product. So trust them when They say they had a very limited amount of the mcclean rose.

Thanks for the review, I found it helpful. Did you get a chance to try the chance creek SB for a comparison?

I have not tried their other SB.


After a couple hours open this is getting a little more complex, with a rounder mouthfeel and a hint of salinity. For those that purchase, I would recommend opening, pouring a half glass, and then popping back into the fridge for a couple hours. Once it warms a bit it should be in the sweet spot.

Moving on to a red with a homemade turkey burger.


Terroir 95470, 2010 Redwood Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Found a bottle of this in a mixed three pack that must have been shipped by tortoise, and it just arrived today. As this was not an expected shipment with the other two cases that arrived today, fortunately the local staff called me up to let me know the contents. Wait, a what? A 95470! That’s on sale now! Can you chill it down for me?

Late night of work had me picking it up at 18:30. I could say PnP, but it’s a screw top, and lo, some glasses appeared. We must have looked quite strange, hanging out in a strip mall with stemware sipping wine. A couple of passer byes actually joined us and shared the other side of the glass. Yes, we’re in SoCal and do these things.

No in-depth comments from them, just a “gee, that’s really nice” from one lady in one of those mini-SUV’s. Another commented she liked it as well.
I kinda feel like a shock jock asking passer-byes if they know who the SecDef is, and hey tell me Jay-Z or some such rot…

I’m finding I enjoy SB, in it’s varied styles, but still can’t deal with grapefruit bombs; not here. A bit too chilled at first, this had a floral/tropical fruit/citrus nose. As it warmed, a bit of grapefruit and grass showed through. Totally dry, crisp and tart. Again, it started out a bit too chilled, and that seemed to accentuate a minerality that diminished as it warmed. Also as it warmed, it began to fill the mouth better. It almost seems like one can distinguish fruit fermented in stainless, and that in wood, a nice blending, but the Vio and Chard only add subtle hints, and for me it was difficult to pick out individual characteristics I associate with either of them alone or in higher percentage blends.

At home with supper of angle hair pasta, veggies, mushrooms shrimp and sausage with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, this proved also to be very food friendly. That would be that tart acid. Very nice pairing, and quite unplanned.

Oh, those other comments as we strolled the strip mall consuming as an apéritif?

Jeremy:Fruity and floral on the nose… almost reserved at first, hiding some of the complex combinations of the fruit up front that quickly fades into a short, dry finish.  As the temp rises, the citrus becomes more apparent with notes of grapefruit, and green apple.   A great wine for a light meal pairing or alone as an everyday drink.

His mom, upon asking for her comments: “Nope, I don’t know enough about it to say anything other than it’s good!”
She’s graduating from that white stuff we don’t talk about.

SWMBO: frown. This doesn’t taste right. Duh! You just ate some cantaloupe…

Nice bottle, difficult to compare to the Chance Creek we had a few weeks ago. They are both white, and SB, but that’s about it.

I’ll try to add comments yet this evening, west coast evening that is.

[edit] at ~+1 hour or so, with Creminelli Wild Boar and Vella dry jack. This too is working well. Rounder mouth, but the tartness and acid are holding up well. Many personalities to this SB.

Anyone received their order yet? Got a tracking number 6/11 but it still hasn’t shipped. Brutal heat?

I came here to ask the same question. At least I’m not the only one.

I have received notification that two orders placed since this one have been shipped, with estimated delivery dates posted on the Fedex website. This order has no information on delivery or any other tracking information.

It’s not unusual to get the tracking number early on wines. They notify the shipper that a shipment is coming and tracking is assigned. Shipping is timed to keep the bottles moving rather than sitting over the weekend. Hang tight. We’re still in the 2-3 week standard for wine.woot shipments.