A dinosaur that is knowledgeable about high powered weaponry?

Clever girl…


Dinosaurs Vs. Drones: Air Extinction. SyFy movie soon, I think. Morningstar is a nice touch. Mr/Ms. Terror looks pretty happy about all the firepower.


Sometimes you need a Stealth Bomber… Most times, you need THIS


We really need more self explanatory shirts. It makes this a lot of fun :tongue:


We call these A-10’s where I come from.




What if you are in the air force? Oh, right- uniform.


The morning star seems slightly prehistoric compared to the rest of his arsenal.


Heh, nice reference.


WAIT! Hold it! Which dogs have wings? Now I’m curious.

Also, I’m loving that evil grin on the terrordactyl. hehehehehe…


It reminds me of the book Mockingjay somehow…and the Avatar as well.


But isn’t it spelled pterodactyl?


Is this shirt the parent of a bearodactyl?


I don’t know why, but this shirt actually sends me the message of “The Real Reason the Dinosaurs are Extinct”… Complete and total annihilation of one another by means of Terrordactyls and Tyranny-Sore-Ex’s…


This would fit perfectly as a Soviet unit in Red Alert. For Mother Russia!


Pterrific Tee! BTW, Metairie is not a town. It’s a cultural concept. I know; I used to live there too, but Katrina blew me away to someplace Weird.

Call me: CuzNRuby


Pterri? :open_mouth:

Why do child puppet stars always grow up bad?


By the way, when did this critter suddenly become a “Pteranodon?” I grew up calling it a Pterodactyl and now all my kids’ books call it a Pteranodon.


Hilarious shirt, but I am torn on the color. I will have to think abotu this one through the day.