Tess Napa Valley Red & White Blend (5)

Tess Napa Valley Red & White Blend 5-Pack
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2011 Tess Red & White Blend, Napa Valley
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I’ve had a red white blend from Peju that was enjoyable and I am curious about this one. Anyone have any notes?

FYI, Petit Verdot is a Red, not a white.

“Cab, Merlot, and Zin jumbled up with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Petit Verdot”.


Yeah, but last I checked, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc were whites :tongue:

You dare to question the words of the writers!!!

Wow, that doesn’t even sound good.

What a coincidence! I happened to get a bottle of this the other week, and per the instructions on the label, chilled it in the fridge. We opened it last weekend, to accompany a sinus-clearing Thai dinner. Maybe a nice Riesling or Gewurz would have been a better choice, but a little voice that seemed to emanate from somewhere in California suggested strongly that this was the one to try. So white or wrong, that’s what we drank.

It was pleasant, overall, but I think it would have shown better with a nice roast bird. I could see serving this with turkey or chicken, for your guests who refuse to touch white wine. It pretty much lived up to the promise of being a red and white wine.

We’d had a Pinot Noir the night before, and because the color of this wine was a bright, clear cherry red, I kept expecting it to taste like a Pinot. Which it didn’t. I don’t know, what with my stuffed nasal passages and the heat level of the food, I had a hard time getting a handle on what was going on in this wine. I was getting ripe fruit or maybe it was a raisiny Zin-like quality that kept fooling my palate into finding it sweet. But it didn’t finish sweet. There were hints of the cab and zin at the start of each sip, but those flavors didn’t stick around for the finish. Certainly it was lighter on the palate than one would expect either of those wines to be. It also seemed hot, as in from alcohol. But I suspect that was not so much the fault of the wine, as the fact that my whole mouth was sensitized from the spiciness of the dinner.

Value: given the number of really nice surprises I’ve had from Woot over the years in the neighborhood of $10 or less, I was thinking this wine would sell here at about that level, and at that price I would probably woot some if only they were shipping to NY these days. Maybe Woot has ruined my expectations of what wine should cost? This isn’t an enthusiastic “Buy Now”, like all those shill emails I get for loser investments, but rather a “buy if it sounds interesting to you, it’s not bad”.

8 states?

I had this offer last weekend. My first thoughts were a red and white blend sounds like a bad combination. But I was pleasantly surprised how it worked with this particular blend. I was even more surprised how much RS there is. It does not come across as sweet at all IMO. My notes:

Color: bright, ruby red…light…legs

Smell: me: cloves, brown sugar, watermelon, anise
Wife bing cherry, vanilla, some type of flower

Taste refreshing, watermelon, goes down easy…somewhat complex…since i know its a red and white blend trying to pick out the grapes: merlot, cab sauv, viognier, chard, reisling…bit of jolly rancher but not sweet cheap wine, sweet tarts? Im not a sweet wine drinker and this not sweet at all…venture to say neutral oak was used…wow…liking this alot…maybe low RS? I love crisp roses and this fits the bill…not french style roses but CA without the sweetness if it makes sense…unlike a rose this has some body to it no doubt from the oak influence…but not cloying…nice acidity though not sure is is much of a food wine but rather a sipper by e pool (if I had one-lol)…is is definitely a hot weather sipper that most ,wine drinkers would enjoy…not heavy at all…

Below is what we think the wine is worth w/o checking winery price:

Winery price: $22. Wine woot $15 delivered and I Am in
Wife winery: $18 and wants it for full price
Dad: $20

I’m really glad to see your review, to lend some balance to my so-so one. I knew the food I had it up against wasn’t going to show it in its best light, but given the timing there wasn’t another option. I’m curious to know if there are others out there who also have tried this.

Another surprise, but my birthday was last month…

Tess Red and White Blend N.V. (2012 bottling)

Clear, bright red, cherry red with long thin tears; I really need to get one of those panatone charts for colors. Strawberry and cherry aroma at PnP around 45~50F, and a bit too chilled I believe, and both carry over to the entry. Given I know the varietals, I’m trying to pick them out but finding it difficult to do so, this real is a mélange of flavors. Mid palate is full, but nothing distinct of and despite the stated RS, this isn’t at all sweet glass and finishes dry, with lingering tannins. this is a bright, crisp glass, with unexpected complexity.
This would be at home on a deck with just about any mix of friends. There is something here for both the red or white crowd and would hold up well with light to medium appetizers or light entrees. Both sweet tooth SWMBO and I enjoyed this and the lower AbV allows for plenty of consumption.
Still have some too under Ar, so more sipping and notes later on. Gotta see if this goes better with football or Nascar!

All this prompted some additional research, and I found this is approximately an 80%/20% red/white blend of Pope Valley fruit containing nearly 30% CS, done separately in 3+ year old barrels and blended.

Really hoping the winery makes their promised appearance here today, as I really like to hear more about the thought process that went into this, for me, blending…

What a surprise. I, too, mysteriously received a bottle of this about a week ago. Not knowing the contents, other than it says Red & White blend, my first thought was that it looked like a rose. My instructions were to serve it chilled, so into the fridge for a day. Thinking ahead, I go with dry rubbing a couple of racks of pork ribs so I can slo-cook them tomorrow. FF to day 2, post cooking.

PnP the bottle and find a soft berry and citrus aroma, which given that this is cold I would not expect a strong aroma. The color is very much like a rose. First sip, flavor matches smell. Maybe a little watermelon in there as well. +1 and I do not know what to make of this blend. So we continue to eat and drink and eat and drink and before we knew it the bottle was empty. WOW, what a tasty wine. There is a nice crispness to this wine. The spiciness of the ribs went very well with this wine. After dinner, I google Tess and find the winery website (tesswine.com), which yields the 5 grape blend.

Seeing the price today, this is a very fair price. I would sip this wine on a summer day, serve it at an hors d’oeuvres party and with spicy food or BBQ. This is one of those wines that I would not think of as O-M-G delicious, but one that everyone would like and no one would dislike.

Yea, really low state list today. Sorry folks.

from my somewhat limited understanding of this situationthat, the main issue is that wine.woot is not the equivalent of a ‘joe and bill’s wine emporium,’ that would sell directly to consumers and bypass these onerous state restrictions.
so (and i am not an attorney, nor do i run a business, obviously), how difficult would it be for wine.woot to ‘remake’ itself into a joe and bill’s wine emporium-type establishment, legally? and please forgive me if what i typed is utterly stupid. just trying to help find a solution.

We had this wine at the last DFW Woot dinner. It was served chilled as recommended and was the first wine I tasted that night. The color was pale red and clear, lighter than a pinot. The nose was really odd, and didn’t have any notes that I could identify. Mildly tart wine, light to medium tannins, with a short finish that didn’t linger. It had a strange flavor that is hard to describe, almost as if the odd nose carried over to the taste. Picked up some spices and a little dark fruit, but the flavor was thin, not quite balanced. I could see where some might like this as a summer drinker, but I didn’t care for this wine. Of course, YMMV.


If we get winery participation:

Why make this blend? What’s the motivation? Intention? Were there just extra grapes and you figured, “what the hell”?

Excellent questions, all. I was wondering the same myself.

Agreed. I had a conversation with the winery, tasting room?, last week and asked nearly the same question. While I got some additional details, and assurances someone with additional knowledge would be with us today, that question and some others went unanswered.

So, here’s hoping we get an appearance…

If this wine were more along the woot-pricing-of-yore, (pre-Amazon days…) I’d be tempted to experiment. But this strikes me as a not particularly good price for a, frankly, oddity of a wine.