Tess Napa Valley Red Wine Blend (5)

Tess Napa Valley Red Wine Blend 5-Pack
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Tess Red Wine Blend, Napa Valley
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I remember a tasty value priced Peju Cab. If these ladies are from the same wine making family, I would sure consider this as I drank several bottles without a stinker and would risk the buy just based on pedigree!

This looks really interesting, somewhere between a Red and a Rosé…

Hope to see some tasting notes on this one.

Yeah, saw taht too. Might give this one a try…

Tasting Notes

We got a bottle of by chance last week. Per the label, we put it in to chill. Checked on-line and could only find a red and white blend, and this is labeled as a red blend. Yet the composition on woot today lists the whites.

Color - pale red. Darker than a rose, but lighter than most reds.

Nose - getting berries and fruit. Nose is muted when chilled and comes through more as it warms.

Taste - Taste of red berries, particularly strawberries. We could pick out Zin and cab in the blend. The fruitiness gives a little sweetness on the palate,

We sipped this on its own before having it with some grilled burgers. Very nice on its own, but it needed more acidity to stand up to the fat, and bleu cheese, in the burgers.

This would be a fantastic summer patio wine. Chilled as directed, it is an enjoyable wine to sip on its own.

A chango swung by my house and handed a bottle to my wife. We had this last night with my parents (chilled as directed)

Color: bright ruby red
Nose: most agreed on red jollyrancher (cherry and strawberry).
Taste: bright, easy going with a tad of sweetness.
Overall: nice summer sipper that though not complex will appeal to most.

Mom and wife really enjoyed. Dad and I not as much as they did but agreed a good wine.

We all agreed $12-$13 delivered would be a buy. Seeing the price I think it is a tad high for me though anyone buying would not be disappointed imo

Am I the only one that thinks of this when I see the unusual blend and the story of the winery? Never had this wine, I am not being critical, just what came to mind.

Looks like part of Peju in Napa. They have a good reputation if I’m not mistaken.

Did not have the JanKris, but given the numerous bad reviews on that one, not a comparison. While this wine will not appeal to all, being light and fruity, it is a very solid wine. Though I can understand why it may have come to mind.

We like your descriptor! Yes, it is a light and refreshing red blend–served chilled! It’s a blend of 85% red and 15% white varietals. One of our favorite wines to enjoy during the summer. Many people say it’s a red wine drinkers summertime wine!

The JanKris sounds like a very interesting blend! I would agree that it isn’t a close comparison to Tess. Tess is a lighter style red blend best served chilled to 45 degrees! It is made from sustainably farmed fruit from our family’s estate vineyards in Napa, Pope Valley to be exact! Very crisp, refreshing and surprisingly rich!

That makes us smile :slight_smile: yes, TESS is made by PEJU. We created this new label to celebrate second-generation winery owners (my sister and I) in addition to recognize our newest vineyard site in Pope Valley we named TESS. TESS means harvest from Greek origins.

For those of you that have visited PEJU, TESS is best described as the sister blend of our Provence red and white blend we sell at the winery. Have you ever tried it?

I have and it’s quite tasty.

Mmm. Our mouths are watering thinking about TESS and burgers on the patio! We’re glad you enjoyed the wine.

Yes, Tess is a blend of red and white varietals, majority red at 85%.

As I said earlier, I am by no means comparing the wines except both featured non-traditional blends and two sisters in the business started by the parents.

Nice to see winery participation!! The wine looks interesting…but seeing how I’m coming home from a family vacation…don’t think I have any funds left. :frowning:

We hope you had a great vacation! Well if you’re ever interested in trying the wine please reach out to customercare@tesswine.com. We can research to see if there are any wine shops or restaurants pouring Tess where you live. Cheers!

WOW!!! Am I glad I checked woot today.

Lisa, is this wine anything like the Peju Provence? If so, I’m in for at least 2, maybe 3.

Thank you!