Test Tube Baby

glad I stayed up for this -_-

Burning question: What is that compound in the think balloon…

Wait a minute. Green and pink don’t make blue.

Somebody’s been mixing with the milkman…errr…chemicalman?

Congrats, Patrick!

Molecules down, that is the cutest little bundle of joy!

It might be a bundle of weapons grade ebola…

(thank you, Walking Dead, for filling my head with horrible nightmares!)

How appropriate for this year! A Nobel Prize Winning Conception :wink:

Kid is light blue.

Isn’t his.

There’d be a chemical castration comment in here if I were in a very bad mood.

Of all the incredibly well done and awesome designs, this prints? I mean I get you want shirts that will stick on the reckoning, but seriously, this? sigh…

Maybe it’s a recessive compound?


Love it - in for two. One for me and my son

Hey! Real babies don’t smile like that for, like, weeks! I guess this kind of test tube baby is advanced for its age.

Should have thrown it in the sink, looks contaminated to me.

Awww, that’s one happy chemical reaction! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Very funny, I like it!! :smiley:

Parents better start saving now, before they know it, JR will be off to college and in a CHEM 1000 Lab

On the set or The Sub-Atomic Maury Povich show.

cute? no, that baby’s a vial creature. >=b

Yay - Patrick is back - the man who can make glassware charming!

Congrats on another great design.

I’m sure their newborn will grow up into a perfectly healthy beaker adult.