Teton 1022G121 Backpack and Sleeping Bag Bundle

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Teton 1022G121 Backpack and Sleeping Bag Bundle
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Don’t know about the sleeping bag but I bought the backpack here a few months ago and used it to hike Mt. Washington (NH). It’s sturdy, comfortable, very adjustable, has a TON of room (I’m a notorious over-packer), and works very well with a hydration bladder.

I have the sleeping bag. Very happy with it. So thin and light that I was SHOCKED at how warm it kept me. No compression sack but that’s easy enough to remedy. Would pack down to the size of a cantaloupe if you tried

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Amazon Reviews for Sleeping Bag - https://www.amazon.com/TrailHead-Ultralight-Sleeping-Lightweight-Backpacking/dp/B00TZRPQFI#customerReviews

Not in the market as I have a new backpack, but this looks like a good deal. Probably best suited for people wanting to take short trips or beginners…

My brother had a teton pack and sleeping bag, I’ve been able to check them both out quite a bit.

The pack has a really simple suspension. I wouldn’t want this pack overloaded. It would probably feel nice with 15lbs, ok with 20lbs, and bad with 25lbs.

The sleeping bag isnt bad. I have a teton bag myself. I’ve since switched to down quilts, but the teton bags I’ve used have been well constructed. One thing to note, is the temp rating they use isnt for comfort. If they list a 20 degree bag, it’s really closer to a 35 degree bag. The 20 degree rating is really a survival rating, or for those wierd people that sleep incredibly hot.

$90 for a pack and sleeping bag isnt bad. Add in a cheaper sleeping pad and tent and youd have a good beginner backpacking set up.