Teton Sports Daypack



Careful about taking this daypack to Latin America… the word “teton” might get a few chuckles and jeers.


Got on a previous woot to replace my 7th grader’s backpack that broke. It’s working great! Size is just fine – holds all his heavy books…two thumbs up from me!


Thanks!! I was wondering about the size for my 8th grader. He’s been using the same “rolling” backpack for the last 3 years, but now he won’t roll it because it’s “not cool”.


I second this. I have 4 kids (17, 15, 12 and 9) and they have been on a backpack per year ruining spree (but we buy cheap ones.) These ones are working GREAT. In for 3 more as backups!


Got one on a previous woot. Good quality and quite comfortable even when heavy.

Its capacity is a bit smaller than it looks (or rather, what I thought it would be) and isn’t quite big enough for a long weekend trip imo. However, for everyday use it’s great, and especially when biking, as it’s comfortable, not too big, and doesn’t slip around like some other backpacks, throwing your balance off.