Teton TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag

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Teton TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag
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This is the exact same price as on the mothership. Also, need to like the mummy still bag (narrows at bottom). Might not really keep you warm below 40F, apparently. Not much of a deal.

You’re looking at the smaller Scout version. We’re selling the larger adult sleeping bag.

Might not keep you warm below 40? Maybe the word “ultralight” and the 40 - 50 degree comfort zone identified in the product description is a clue this is not something you take to the Klondike.

  1. “Ultralight” in camping gear refers to a specific type of camping/hiking philosophy, where the goal is to get your pack down below 9 pounds. That being said, near-freezing camping generally requires a few more pounds.

  2. Almost every sleeping bag on the market lies about their “comfort range” - and they have to, to compete. “40-50” means “50+”, “down to 32” means “40+”, etc. Sad, but true. There may be some out there that tell it accurately, but I haven’t run into them - and I use a North Face Beeline +30 850-goosedown mummy bag in my ultralight kit, so it’s not like I haven’t tried the high-end makers. (“+30” means “good above 30F”… which is really “good above 40F”.)

Agree 100%. Thats why I won’t touch North Face, REI, other big name bags. Over priced but hey, they have to make a living off people who don’t know any better I guess. I’ve logged many years in the woods with both boys being eagle scouts, so have they. I decided once we bridged over to Boy Scouts, I decided to go with the military ECWS (or modular system). Rated at -40. I’ve been in tents, @ -10. -40 or -10, once it’s below zero, it’s still cold. PERIOD. Best bags for under $200. I got one NEW system. 2 NEW-Issued systems. Still have them. Have had them going on 15 years. Best 4 season bags you can buy.


Got mine today it’s cool. Bit of a heads up next time you sell this woot, it comes with a stuff sack and NOT a compression sack. Kind of an important difference when choosing small and light backpacking stuff.