Tetra 3 Gallon Half Moon Aquarium with LED Bubbler

14.99 at petsmart also…
been slacking at these prices lately =(

[MOD: The one at PetSmart is 1.1 Gallons.]

Additional info and reviews can be found on the product page

Good reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

If you are referring to the one at

That is the beta tank, not this one. Beta tank is just over 1 gallon. This one is 3 gallons.

Take a look at some reviews from Walmart

$29.95 and 3/5 starts at walmart.com

With the addition of a small heater it would make a good hospital or quarantine tank for most (small/medium/young) tropical fish.

Anybody ever wonder if fish mind being cooped up in a tiny little tank or are they just dumb fish that are completely indifferent to the size of the tank (or lake, ocean…) that they swim in?

Five years ago I got 3 of those tiny $.06 feeder fish at PetCo for my daughter.

forewarned, if you feed them they will live… and grow…

My girls are now about as large as a size 5 womans shoe (8") and weigh about a pound each and live in a 30 gallon tank.

Goldfish are very dirty fish. I wouldn’t recommend keeping even 1 Goldfish in a 3 gallon tank for long, let alone 4 like the box shows. For any other type of fish, a good rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon. So, 3 inches worth of fish for this tank. The fish you get at the fish store are almost always juveniles and will grow.

Also, if you’re new to fish keeping, Google the nitrogen cycle before getting fish. Short version is that if you do not wa****nt to make your fish sick & possibly kill them, you need to set your tank up, sprinkle some food in it, then leave it sitting and running for about 6 weeks. Or buy a product that adds beneficial bacteria, like safe start or night out.

Also never put a fish in tap water, you need to use a chlorine remover/water conditioner first, or you’ll kill your fish.

As has been said tho, this would be a great quarantine or hospital tank!

I have been using this tank for about 7 months now after purchasing from wally mart. My only complaint is that I haven’t found a way yet to keep the led bubble machine to sit flat like they show in the demo pics. I wish it had a suction cup to stick it to the bottom of the aquarium. It tends to float up on the end where the hose and power goes.

A single gold fish will need a 50 gallon tank when grown. If you can’t house it as an adult don’t buy it.

Buy a heater and keep a Betta in it. The pic on the box itself is misrepresenting the ability of the tank. That tank cannot reasonably support that many fish, maybe half that.
Check out a great fish resource like wet web media dot com or join a fish forum. Aquarium fish keeping is my number one hobby, please read up before you stock this little thing.

Interesting, because I had a goldfish once that lived for nearly 2 years in a 1 or 2 gallon fish bowl.

Your poor children…

Have fun cleaning this small desktop tank. You’ll have to do weekly maintenance sucking debris off the bottom surface or gravel bed if you decide to use that. Only buy fish that don’t grow large. Acclimate fish to water temp by floating bagged fish on water surface for an hour to slowly equalize temps.

Tap water is OK if you use recommended drops of anti chlorine or chloramine water conditioner. Weight down the bubbler so it will stay on the bottom. Change about a third of the water during maintenance to reduce nitrogen build up.

You could put a couple of small swordtail Tetras or Barbs in this and later add 5 or 6 Neon Tetras once the water is well conditioned in a few weeks. The Neons are pretty but the small ones have a high mortality rate so get the “jumbos.”

Oh, and don’t over feed!!! Too much uneaten food will ruin your mini bio-system. Better to underfeed than overfeed!

Goldfish get huge depending upon the size of the tank and the pond. Think Koi. Recently a 3lb goldfish was found in Lake Michigan. They are an invasive species.


Please mention that tap water is city water. I live in the county and have well water. I don’t drink city water either after a lifetime of drinking well water. That stuff will kill you!

A few more goldfish for you:


Living and thriving aren’t the same. A couple of years is a very short life span for a goldfish.