Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine (2)

Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine 2-Pack
Sold by: Expression Wines (Bighorn Cellars)
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2011 Tetra Proprietary Red Wine, Napa Valley

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It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to the cellar. Time for some “Fresh Wine” :stuck_out_tongue:

Why have the forums been so empty lately?? I have a question… I have seen some winemakers add small amounts of varietals to their wines simply to top off the casks, stating it’s near impossible to taste them. Was everything besides the cabernet added just because the name means it needs four types of grapes, or is this cabernet enhanced with the other grapes?

This is what I heard back:
It is enhanced with the other grapes. CA law allows up to 75% to be considered varietal specific. They could have just called this Cabernet. Not sure why they did not. Blends are experiencing a huge up swing, of late, in the marketplace; so, perhaps that’s what’s driving the winery selection of calling this a blend.

Well blends seem to be rather popular in Bordeaux.

Very little winery participation, no rats. The offers all week have been on the uninteresting side…