Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine (2)

Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine 2-Pack
Sold by: Expression Wines (Bighorn Cellars)
$99.99 $178.00 44% off List Price
2011 Tetra Proprietary Red Wine, Napa Valley

Just 50 cases produced, is that a record for wine.woot?

At 50 cases lost might consider this the best wine ever :slight_smile:


That’s what hooked me…I’m a sucker for boutique, small production wines! Woot used to offer quite a few such offerings back in the day…still have some random signed bottles somewhere, waaaay back in the cellar.

???This comes up sparingly yet occasionally – i’m a clark smith new diehard looking for anyone to convince me to spend the 50 dolla bottle price offered — does it match Crucible?

Where’s a fredrinaldi comment when someone needs one? Fred, you still out there?