Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine - Two Pack

Vay-ner-chuck says to “put it away for 5 to 10, even 15 years” (referring to the '07 with the lower pH).

Pretty compelling review–the 2007 sounds very serious and structured.

The 2006 is the bigger question. Have to wonder if it is packing the same type of tightly coiled structure.

Looks like you can get the '07 for $80 here (and there may well be a better price somewhere else). It appears to be the more critically acclaimed of the two as well. I’d like to know more about quality, pricing, and availability of the '06 before commenting on the quality of this deal.

They sell it for $99.98

Looks like the avg CT price for only two purchases of the 06 is $60. Spec’s, a local wine/beer superstore in TX w generally great prices, has the 06 for $75.

No. Kronos 2-pack was $164.99 on 11/24/10

…more experience? I want to know what those with no money have to say. The last Woot, by CC at $50, had comments like, it’s either college loans or wine, it’s either shoes for the baby or wine, or my SWMBO will kill me. This price is really stretching it for Woot, no? With Thursday the non-wine day coming, it looks like the next wine I can afford will be the weekend offer. Sorry for the whining.

Yeah, kind of getting a feeling the 2007 with the higher score is being used to sell the 2006 at the same time.

Here’s another 2006 review:

The winery homepage features a quote from you-know-who (no, not Voldermort, silly):

“STUNNING…the wine has superb purity, full bodied texture…
richness and depth, and a finish that goes on for at least 40+ seconds.”
-Robert M. Parker Jr.

Wow 40+ seconds. But I keep thinking, is the singer who can hold the note longest necessarily the best?

Parker likes BIG wines. Do you?

[QUOTE=viajerouniversal, post:15, topic:306284]
“All the stuffings of a classic…” -A video review from Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary

Thanks for the GV link, always a fan of his enthusiasm!

so im in and heres why. i figure im still learning about wine as i go and i need to know if certain wines at this price are worth it or just fluff. and i cannot go by reviewer heresy as wine, like art is to a certain degree subjective.
so far the only supposed ‘cheap’ wine i thought ranked up there to some level was the costa del sol…and i drank all that. so here we go

I love these black tie offerings. I hold back on the less expensive ones and wait it out till Corison or something like that comes along. Just my more than 2 cents worth:)

And, I long passed the time where I had to worry about college loans or feeding babies. I’d be interested in the demographics for wine.woot.

iirc1 - this is made by the expression wine folks or their cousins. xppinotguy could be around soon enough with deep thoughts from the bridge of the enterprise. iirc2 - list is $100/per.

crappo that this came along right after the kosta browne spring release bc there’s no vino coin left in my piggy!

Oh… and I’m in for one!

Found some tasting notes and winery history at this link http://www.goldmedalwineclub.com/newsletters/pdfs/diamond/Tetra_v06i06.pdf

Sounds like this might be an interesting one to check out, but is it worth the price? And how much have I spent in the last couple weeks already? I don’t know…didn’t bother to add it up for my own sanity, but 3 boxes arrived today and there are at least 6 more on the way! Yikes!

This endorsement is what has me close to clicking the big button. I love a BIG wine…ala Parker style.

Tempted to try this out, but probably will hold off.

My main 2 reasons:

  • Picked up a bottle of the Saxum 08 Broken Stones vineyard off of winebid last weekend and I’m heading to Napa this weekend

BTW, Any chance I can drop by for a tasting of the Tetra somewhere? as that would help a lot!

2006 was known as a hot year producing higher alcohol, fruit-forward wines. But I’ve never seen a pH this high, even if the TA is 0.6. Of course parker likes it: it’ll tick the big, bold, fruit boxes. May taste really good too. But it won’t last that long with acid that high.

Still, 07 was a year even an idiot could make a good wine - as Wellington and others have said - so the almost respectable 3.64 pH shows that they made something drinkable. If you like Parker wines at Veblen prices, 07 looks decent enough. 06 is a serious hmmm, I’d say though.

Agreed. The pricey offerings are the most intriguing. I would love to see some demographic information from wine.woot. I think that would be fascinating. WD???


A lot of people put down Gary, because of the conflict of interest in owning a wine shop, his “buckaroo” approach to reviewing, or perhaps just his success. But I agree that I like his enthusiasm, and I also like watching his facial expressions. The way GV’s reviews follow those expressions tells me he’s honest - not shilling wines just to sell them. And he’s changing the wine world, just as a certain retail site we know is.