Tetris Link with Bonus Travel Game

I paid $10 for it, still worth it. My wife and I love the game.

How bout 85% off 7.99?

is this for really poor kids who cant afford a $20 handheld electronic version? This looks like it would take hours to play

How can you play Tetris without the lines clearing?

Tempting! But, only if I know that my $5.00 shipping will get a lot of use today.


Already got it…I hate these lies, I guess u never ‘sold out’ of it last time.

average game time is 15 minutes with 2 people.

Picked up a couple of these a few weeks ago for $10 if I recall. It’s actually a pretty decent strategy game for up to 4 players. Makes for a great holiday gift for those looking to score some decent gifts at a low price!

Oh man, I paid $13 for this last woot-off :frowning:

I too am completely confused about the point of this game. Is it like a Connect Four thing?

The description says this is something different. You use “tetriminos” to connect same colored blocks, not to clear lines. The game is over when the grid is filled to the top and scores are tallied. Could be a fun drinking game if you play with a 30 second time limit.

Looks very much like Blokus with a gravity element, so it sounds pretty fun. Just don’t get it confused with electronic Tetris

You have to get groups of 3 or more touching each other, and you try to block other players. You can play with 4 players in the big version, 2 in the travel size.

Also 2012 Mensa Winner

This would make a great video game!

Bought this during the last woot-off. It’s actually a fun game. My brothers love playing it.


They should have a Woot! field test video.

Ahhh, I would be all over this if I already had my $5 dollar shipping… I don’t know if I can pull the trigger on this one considering how this woot-off has gone for me thus far.

Quick, Einstein express this back to 1985, or have Marty McFly take it!

Will this work with my Mac?