Tetris Link with Bonus Travel Game

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Tetris Link with Bonus Travel Game
$7.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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It’s like Tetris, only realyier!

Oh! Sorry, I accidentally punched in to kids.woot I … hey, wait a minute!

Will make a stocking stuffer in a few months. Why not.

Nothing better than that moment of disaapoint after a marathon of pushing F5 only to be answered by a plastic Tetris Game.

Rainbow cake with Oreo and cream filling

The good thing is that it is so much easier to resist most of this crap than when there were real woot-offs.

Tetris LINK?

I bought a couple of these for my nieces that teach 4th & 5th grade. They can always use games for rainy days.

one of the best cakes evar!

These keep showing up in woot-offs, so I finally broke down and bought one. It looks fun. And if I decide I don’t want it, cheap birthday/Christmas present!

Buy this, and may Tetrises smile upon you.

I’m in for 2 to take care of some holiday shopping. I decided too late on the last woot-off. :frowning:

We bought this @ Costco for $20 a few months back. LOVE this game! It’s awesome! And it’s something that kids & adults can play together & actually be having fun.

How could this set possibly list for $52? The link game is $19 on amazon, and the electronic versions (some at least) are cheaper than that.

Woo hoo! I’ve been waiting for these to show up again! And it’s so inexpensive, too!

Under the Sea Themed cake I was working on during last woot off. I think I put a picture of the whale up while his tail was drying.

Holy crap, I love the MSRP on this one.

I wouldn’t buy that for $52 with a gun to my head.

…but for $7, I’m considering it just to keep the W00T-off moving.

That’s the spirit!