Teva Afton Women's Boots

If a man were to have woman like feet, would these work alright?

here is a video review from zappos

I imagine the biggest hindrance would be that women’s boots usually have a narrower calf cut than men’s boots. If you have skinny legs, these might work.

Fabulous pics, Woot! – details on the back and sole, but not the front and toe?! More visuals and questionable reviews here. Have to say, I was quite tempted…

What is the “return policy” if these don’t work out?

Customer review: The shaft is extremely tall and skinny.

Heh heh heh. They said shaft.

These look great and comfy. Does anyone know if they run big? Run small? I want, but need to know the details.

I have 17" calves, alas. Barefoot running does not promote a dainty, fashionable leg.

Our general policy is defects only. Here’s the relevant FAQ. (Also the next section in the FAQ.)

need cats!

I want those boots!

Awesome vid!!! So funny!

The negative reviews on Amazon about the zipper and narrow heel are making me think twice before I purchase this as a gift for my Girlfriend.

I like the look of them, and then I read those same reviews. A zipper rubbing the heel? That is a big negative. I noticed Amazon didn’t even have any 5 star reviews. That speaks to why these boots are marked down. I’m glad I looked at the comments instead of purchasing something spontaneously! Thanks everyone!

Argh, wish I’d read those reviews and return policy BEFORE I hit the stupidly large button. Maybe they’ll work for my teenager…

Calves hurting is really a deal breaker. I’m really interested in these but if they hurt forget it. Woot should allow returns in case they do hurt. Without being able to return it’s like woot wants bondage. I don’t do pain!

According to here,default,pd.html?source=ggl_ppc&s_kwcid=TC|6883|teva%20women’s%20afton%20boots||S|b|17117398921&gclid=CKKbs-_E8bQCFW6CQgodlRYAXQ
They seem to run small

maybe, if you got small woman like feet… they don’t offer any sizes large enough for me :frowning:

just email woot customer service to cancel your order.