Teva Churn Women's Shoes


Here’s a quick video demo from TevaVideos. Bloopers included

I have multiple pairs of Tevas. The ability to flip the back of the shoe down and wear it like a mule/slip on is great. The shoes are true to size, the mesh seems to breathe well, and the NEW spider rubber (I can’t vouch for this) is extremely non-slip.
Great company, innovative products that last. Great shoes.

I’m sure this is a dumb question, but regarding athletic shoes, what is the difference between men and womens? Other than, I’m guessing, size?

are these anti-bacterial or prevent stink built up? When jogging, I frequently have sweat running going my loins all the way down to my feet, and they all end up onto my shoes, and after multiple times where that excess loin juice lingered in the shoe’s tongue and heelpadding areay, my usual shoes start stinking.

Where are these shoes manufactured? Made in the USA I hope!

Doesn’t seem like it. All I could find was this site (, which says the following:

Also the Teva men’s hurricane sandals that I own, which I love, and bought from Woot!, say Made in Vietnam.

Don’t let that stop you though, they’re among my top picks for sport sandals/shoes. I tried many different brands of sandals that just didn’t fit right for one reason or another, some way too expensive as well. Teva was perfect.

Now I see how that could be awesome at home, but please, in the name of being remotely stylish and comfy at the same time… Do not do this in public.
These would be absolutely adorable and comfy heel in complete upright position. I also own a similar pair that I like, my three year old also has a pair, and they’re his favorite shoes.
Bummer they aren’t made here in California anymore… The jobs are needed HERE. Darn companies out to make the most for their tops.

product website with reviews:,default,pd.html

more reviews:

I can’t say anything about these exact shoes, but the Teva Churn for men are awesome. I bought them on Woot when they came up and haven’t been disappointed; even for casual wear, they’re comfortable and convenient.

Excess loin juice…totally TMI

Too bad woot only has one color!

I’m not a pink type of gal.

Maybe it’s my “morning eyes”, but the font on the deal makes it look like these are “Chum” shoes.

Great price for these shoes.

Woot - got any men’s?
I’d buy 'em for sure.
(well, unless they were one of the really ugly colors)

That’s what I saw too. Made me think of sharks. . . .

I have the Men’s Teva Churn shoes and use them for hiking and fly-fishing (wading). I wore them on an 8-mile one-way hike with no blisters and then fished/waded in them for 2 days, then hiked back out. I will most definitely wear them for the same outing again.
Woot, how about some Men’s?

This is a great deal - they’re $85 at Zappos with good reviews. Unfortunately, I’m out of luck … Size 8 sold out.

FWIW, there’s a slight difference between the color shown in the Woot! photos of the shoe and the color shown on other sites. For example, the Teva site itself shows this color, Bungee Cord (back in the day, that wasn’t a color, but whatevah), in a photo that to me looks more neutral (and less greenish) than the Woot! pic. I’ve decided that the shoe may be a tad less saturated with color than you might think from the Woot! shot.

I have, however, been wrong before.

If you want made in the us of a then buy new balance. made in maine.

this is b-o-l-o-g-n-a that woot has something for just women not unisex under the sport woot. kmon woot your better than that. if thats the case have a deal for both sexes if you wanna do something specific.