Teva Footwear



Teva’s a popular brand around here, and apparently with many of you - tell us about your experiences, sizing tips, etc.


I’d like to get one of the Tevas but I dont know what size to get. Depending on the shoe brand, I range from 9 to 11.

Woot Support: do you know how many inches fit into a specific shoe size for Tevas? For example, what inch foot is supposed to fit into a size 10 Teva?


I’m not woot support, but…,default,pg.html


I really like Teva. I started with their flip flops, really really liked them, bought the churns, liked them okay, then tried the Fuse-ion (bought from woot) and love them.

So I get excited when Woot has a new style half off so I can justify trying out multiple styles… My husband asked if I was collecting.


I have a pair of sandles that I’ve worn for months straight - they are comfortable, and breath well. I’m very impressed with Teva, and will be picking up a different item this time around.


Thanks sayruh62. I thought I looked for that on Teva’s website, but obviously I did not look hard enough.

Placing an order. I hope those are right.


It’s a little buried, thanks for digging it out for us!


Did anyone else besides me notice that for the sizing chart for women, the size 8 has smaller inches than the size 7-1/2?

7-1/2 = 9-3/4" (9.75)
8 = 9-5/8" (9.625)


Woot is charging sales tax on these in PA. They should not be. Sales tax does not apply to clothing or shoes in PA.


Thanks for info. I’ve sent it in to the appropriate people for follow-up.

UPDATE: Our tax expert has looked into and is making an adjustment to this sale. Thanks again for the heads up.


I’m confused…
Are you supposed to wear socks with these?


You can, but they are better without.


If you are eastern European or over the age of 60, you will enjoy wearing them with dress socks. :slight_smile:


This is a great deal, since they are $80 on the Teva website. I purchased the water shoes a whole ago and was uncertain about sizes but went ahead and followed the chart and got 10.5 and they fit fine–a little loose in the heel but the length was right.

BTW woot, any chance the Teva boots will appear before winter?


Teva sizing is inconsistent for me. I love their shoes, but buying them online is chancy. In most shoes will wear a size 7 in a sandal, and a 7 1/2 in a sneaker (because of socks). With Teva, I had to get a size 8 in their flip flop and it JUST fits. In a pair of their sneakers they sold here recently, I bought a 7 1/2 and they’re almost too big. So buy at your own risk of having to ship them back :(. Bummer too, because I really like the Teva shoes/comfort/quality


THAT is an awesome (and hysterical) answer! hehehehehehe


Read the comment from [pazaz03], that would make total since then why the 7.5 was to big but the 8 fit you .


Anyone know anything about the WIDTH sizing? or where I could find a sizing chart in inches for width?


I really like Teva, I missed some Teva deals on woot. Hope that there will be some other deals again.
Let’s wait for Riva Event Waterproof Performance, Forge Pro Event Waterproof Performance… :slight_smile: