Teva Forge Pro Mid Waterproof Hikers

I swear, if they ever have a deal on shoes and they manage to have them in size 16, I’ll more than likely buy 3.

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) on the men’s version over at amazon

Just so you know, They’re WINTER BOOTS!

I can vouch for Teva brand shoes. I bought a pair of the Fuzeions for me, for my friend (beige, and he’s a boy, so even though they were “women’s”, they worked), for my children. Bought sneakers for my children. Bought flip flops for the whole family. All off woot.

bought boots and sandals, not from woot.

In all cases the shoes fit well, are comfortable, are incredibly well made, are waterproof where stated, and have great grip on the soles. I have been wearing Tevas for almost two decades, and the quality remains. They are wonderful shoes.

THANK YOU for letting me know…

What do you mean by that?

Hmmm they are insulated and warm? LOL

4 stars on Amazon

Found a backpacker magazine review here:

and a few more reviews for the ladies out there here:

Coupled with the link to Amazon posted earlier it seems these shoes tend to run a half size small.

Would these be okay for spring/summer/fall hiking in the pacific northwest, or would they be too warm?

Tough call. One person on Amazon said it ran one size too small. My dress shoes I need to buy are a 1/2 size smaller than the sneakers, and the boots vary. The closest available size here is 1/2 above my sneaker size. Hmmmm. $54.99 is tempting.

For good quality BIG shoes, I’ve found the Nordstrom outlet store chain “The Rack” to have the best selection… and yes, 16’s - and they have the wide sizes too!

I picked up a pair of my all time faves, Merrill Moab Mid GORE-TEX® Wide Width there for $79 -

I’ve been wearing Merrell for years, but just got rid of my last pair. Teva has been great for sandals, but I’m hesitant about their hiking boots as I’ve never even tried them on. Wondering how the soles are compared to the Vibram sole that Merrell uses.

For the price, seems like a nice deal.

which color is mens/ womens? Spent five minutes poking around and dont see indication of that.

Pictures show mens’ boots labeled as “black” and womens’ boots labeled as “drizzle.” Although there is no color choice or information in the order section, one would hope woot was selling the items pictured.

Mens’ are in black.

I’d be in for these if they came in a wide. I’ve got wide feet that would probably fit better in the shoe box.

If you go to the sale’s detail page, you see the photos labeled. Men’s are black. Women’s are the lighter one.

And BINGO was his name, oh!